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A gig image can be used multiple times on fiverr?

I have a gig but my gig is not being ranked. I want to open a new gig by deleting my old gig. Can I use my previous gig image and video in the new gig?


why are you creating a new gig, the new gig will start from where your old gig started, Better to not waste your time on this. Instead you can try on improving your gig

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Can’t get gig impression and click and there are a lot of mistakes in my gig description and pricing

simply edit your gig, you can delete it also and create a new one. Try submitting buyer requests this may bring clicks on your gig

thanks for your valuable comment

yes you can use old images and video. if you want to improve your gigs impression then try to active always, do marketing,sent buyer request .hope it will helps you get your desire result :smiley:

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