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A GIG with Unique Concept

Hi Everyone,

Hope You all are having a good day :slight_smile: here is my gig with the unique Idea.
what you people think about it.


It’s good but I’d probably change the gig title so it reads better.
Also I think it’s in the wrong subcategory. It’s in the “your message on” which is normally where the seller will write (or say) a message the buyer gives somewhere or something like that.
Maybe the gig would be better in Lifestyle->Life coaching.


You could change the title to say “I will listen to you” or “I will listen to you and give advice” or something like that to make it more appealing :slight_smile:

As @uk1000 said, it sounds like a good gig for the Life Coaching subcategory.


Congratulations on your gig!
It is a really nice and different idea. I love it.
I also agree with @uk1000 about the sub-category idea.
But overall I really like your gig


@uk1000 Thanks for your suggestion I am going to change it, Much appreciated people like you who give genuine advice rather than guiding them to the wrong path. Once again Thank you from core heart.:slight_smile:

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