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A glitch in "My Gigs"?


Since this is a question not a “tip”, I apologize if it’s in the wrong place.

Is anyone having issues with their dashboard? In some places all of my gigs are “active”, in some places not. I also just delivered a gig, which says it’s in progress or delivered depending on how/where I’m viewing it within my list. I am so not explaining this well.

Simplify: Is anyone having trouble with the status of their gigs today?



I haven’t noticed any problems with statuses, but seeing a specific buyer’s orders is not working (goes to previously vieved person’s orders) even if a proper link is followed. So there’s defnitely something wrong with the dashboard. D:


Thanks for commenting, adsensewizard. A buyer told me he had an issue with the interface too - my gig wasn’t even the one he ordered - thankfully he needed it anyway.

Since it’s not just me, I’ll wait to contact Customer Support since they’re probably already working on it.


I hope it gets sorted out soon - I hate not knowing the extent of what exactly is wrong.


I too have this issue. Since it say’s 2 gig are active while 4 of my gigs has a label on it as active. @-)


I got 8 gigs but only 1 show as active :stuck_out_tongue:


Same problem here ; i have created 3 gigs 10 days ago and also have completed 7 orders but gigs are still not showing as active in dashboard :frowning:


Reply to @itsyourthing: I had a similar issue but that was about a week / ten days ago, someone bought a Gig from me and told me that it was something else he intended to purchase and he didn’t understand why he landed on my Gig, but luckily he found mine interesting and he added several extras ($30 worth if sales). So, as I always believe, there is always something good in everything!


At this point I’m just going to assume Fiverr is doing some work on the backend of the site - and probably the forum too. There are some weird and random ‘issues’ with both lately.

I don’t have, or want to spend the time reporting every little oddity. I fell into that trap with Facebook issues and I don’t want to do it again! :o)

Let’s hope none of us lose too many sales!