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A golden rule for new sellers


I’ve been surfing the “Fiverr Tips” section for a while now, and there are a couple of great advices like making a new video/PDF format for your gigs. Although there’s one thing that almost always has to be followed in order to become successful as a new seller.
During my time here, I don’t think I have seen any successful Fiverr sellers who started their careers with charging their services as other people did in the market. It is always lower, preferably only $5.
When you’re a new seller, it is important for you to understand that you’re in great disadvantage because of your lack of reviews. When you start your first ever gig, don’t rush into it by trying to make a profit, there’s at least 80% chance that you’re going to fail. Rather than profit, your first goal should be to earn the respect of the buyers.


That is possibly the most useful tip I’ve seen for new sellers. :+1:

Keep everything at only $5 for as long as it takes to begin to get great reviews.


on point :heart_eyes:


indeed ! best advice ever.


That was my strategy! :wink:


did you also started your service from $5 in your fiverr starting point ?


I am still in the phase of gaining people’s respect here :smiley:


After failing to getting order in fiverr I decided to work with Google Adsense. And I’m fine today and also interested in fiverr.


Exactly, Reputation = Profit.


thanks for great information and well suggestion :+1: :slightly_smiling_face: