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A good category for a photography gig

I have recently been approached to take some photos of my local area and would like to create a gig to cover such work.

What would be a good category to place it in? I can’t see anything obvious.

@jdthur by any chance were you asked to provide transportation photos?

Yeah, I got an inquiry asking if I could take pictures in various places. I declined because I’m not located near any of the places mentioned not to mention that I’m no photographer and that I have some physical limitations.

A few weeks later I got the exact same request from a different continent.

Reply to @ricksper: You think it may be a scam?

If you could post a short excerpt from the request, I could compare it to what I received. I can only tell you that the sender of the original request can’t be reached because of “Privacy reasons…”

Reply to @ricksper: Hi there,

We are creating a “library” of public transportation photos.

We need your help taking these photos in the UK, specifically London South East, Birmingham (West Midlands), Wolverhampton (West Midlands), Coventry (West Midlands), Bradford (Yorkshire), Hull (Yorkshire), Manchester (North West), Liverpool (North West), Preston (North West), Blackpool (North West), Leeds (Yorkshire) or Sheffield (Yorkshire).

We are not looking for a professional photographer. We can even use photos taken by a smartphone camera with HD feature

Any chance you live in one of these areas?

Could this be something you might be interested in doing?

Well created a new gig just for him … and he’s offered $90 for the Wolverhampton spot … lets see if it pans out.

Reply to @jdthur:

I had gotten two of those one from Australia and one from the US. That will be some library of transportation photos.

I wish you luck.