A good profile picture is important


You should know that our Editors check profile pictures when they consider promoting a Gig and selecting Top Rated Sellers. That’s right, it’s not something that you should over look!

So what makes a great profile pic?

A photo of you

Your profile page is how you introduce yourself to the community. We’ve seen that buyers tend to trust people with pictures of themselves more than they do sellers with no photo. It helps you establish trust with buyers and other community members.

A high quality photo

Avoid posting photos that are blurry, pixelated or distorted in any way.

(Some specs are: maximum size: 1Mb and format: jpeg, png, gif)

If I have my picture

I think this is a great tip. I like seeing pics of people and getting to know who I am working with.


Reply to @lparziale: Pictures can be fake also


Ha ha,I’m not photogenic


I’ve been thinking of uploading a picture but I still have to take a decent photo of myself :slight_smile:


I always liked your profile picture Moo, it shows you while also being creative but also sophisticated, therefore almost a reflection of the type of gigs you offer.

Definitely agree with photos helping out a lot, I try to integrate a picture whenever possible. People are much more likely to remember a face over a name. Many professionals concerned with reputation and publicity use a picture of themselves, such as political candidates, real estate agents, etc. This isn’t by chance!


Well, I’ve changed my profile picture :D.


Reply to @goodworker123: Nice, you look smart and dapper :slight_smile:


Reply to @magisworks: haha, thank you so much. The photo was taken in 2007, but I like it:). The new photo here : http://forum.fiverr.com/discussion/1209/show-the-photo-of-you-#Item_1


Am not really sure if my profile pic looks good but this is 100% legitimate and this is really ME. :slight_smile: I swear to god. [-O<


Reply to @rodesigners: ha ha - like the ones with images of TV show stars or movie stars?


I went for a stylised version… it’s me, but it’s not a photo :slight_smile:


Just changed my profile pic after reading this thread. Thanks for the tip.


A photo is always a great idea. @madmoo love your profile pic! I’ve thought about changing mine but I don’t know haha -I have seen some odd photos that are attached to people on the other end haha


I feel like it’s also good when artists and graphic designers have profile pictures showing what they can do. Like Magisworks’ profile picture for example!


Ahh it seems that I need to change mine lol

Edit - Ok done!


changed :)>-


Reply to @adoxographist: yeah I decided to throw some word art in there, even though the preview icon is quite small :slight_smile:


@Moo - I like your pic too! It just seems soooo professional.


Very good tip, however I’ve always used a picture I personally took for my profile pic just because its unusual and colorful. I don’t think it has detracted from sales because I have gotten well over 1000 and the flow is still steady.

I do agree that almost anything is better than the default Sheep though. LOL!