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A good review that is also bad at the same time

“Quality job, but seller seemed kind of rude. Not planning on ordering again”

It seems that this month I really have to exercise a lot of patience, The only interactions I had with this client was when I sent the thank you message for the order, which I did immediately after the order came through and project submission message where I thanked him again for the order. Well, I got a five star so it should be fine.


Either the buyer expected more chatter from you (I honestly don’t get why some buyers expect us to talk to them every hour or so instead of letting us do the job for crying out loud!), or there was a mix-up like it happened to me several times when the buyer thought they left a review to someone else :roll_eyes:


You can leave what you said here in your reply to the review.


Maybe he did but If he needed more communication from me I would have expected him to respond to my thank you for the order message. Oh well, just have to try our best but we cannot please everyone.


You reminded me of a buyer who left me 4 stars on “Communication with Seller”, even though I sent a thank-you-for-your-order message to which he didn’t respond, and actually there was no communication whatsoever from the buyer’s side :man_facepalming:

So maybe we’re looking at this from the wrong perspective: maybe my buyer left 4 stars on communication because instead of immediately starting my job I spent time thanking him and thus talking too much :smiley: And maybe your buyer saw it rude that you didn’t start the job and instead you first thanked them, wasting their time with thank you messages :thinking:

That’s the best lesson I give to newbies who expect to maintain 100% perfect ratings & perfect profiles forever.


If this was me, I’d leave a review of the buyer saying something like, "I’m sorry you found my thank you for your order message inappropriate. Having had to turn to Fiverr for extra work after my house burned down on Christmas day, I was really trying my hardest to cultivate a few great client relationships. I’m sorry I offended you."

Your buyer wanted you to put them at the center of your world. You didn’t and now they want to punish you. Punish them back!