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A good technique for fiverr site in order to improve both buying and selling experience


I was dreamed of an idea that no freelancing websites have. If you wish to get an work you will choose your skills and will be matched to a random buyer. Same for the buyer too. When he needs to find a seller with wanted skills, he will be matched to a random seller.(Which is like matchmaking in multiplayer games. There none needs good SEO keywords to enter a match). It will be a very good way for both sellers and buyers. Please vote this


Please excuse me for my bad English(it’s not my native)


Unless you get stuck with someone you don’t want to work with? I don’t see that flow working very well at all.


Have you played clash of clans. It’s like finding match in it. If you prefer the base attack on it, otherwise see the next base. This is same idea. If you satisfied with the freelancer accept him or see the next.


That’s pretty much what I do when I’m scrolling through gig pages. It’s a interesting idea, though.


How is this different from now?
I go to search, I check profiles one by one and if I like it I’ll hire


Thank you. Scrolling through gigs page is not one-to-one like Clash of Clans its many-to-many(means like you many buyers are watching it). Thanks. Won’t my idea be better?


It’s more effective to use search page where you see multiple freelancers at once :wink:


But not helpful for sellers. Here only the toppers win.


It is only for the buyers, I want it for sellers too. Don’t you?


The best win :slight_smile:
All those toppers started from 0 sales.

It is beneficial for sellers - well for good sellers.


But here is a problem. Persons with some skills like Web Development, who are old in fiverr their gigs are shown on top where new professionals don’t get work(regardless of their level of skill)


You should continue reading the forum.
All new sellers get a ranking boost at the beginning.

If you’re worried about your sales then it’s not because of the ranking.
You have 4.7 average and low quality gigs.

PS. You’re developing freelancing marketplaces. Why don’t you create one for yourself with the matching system? You have an idea, you have the skills - go for it. :slight_smile:


Take yourself as an example.
If you need a service.
Will you order based on “new seller” pity or professionalism?
Sellers with thousands of positive reviews are more likely to be better. Even if some of their buyers are familiar social media friends (as a result of sharing their gigs on social media). Most likely, they would have received hundreds of reviews from totally strange people that were really impressed.
This is why a new seller really needs to work hard.


I am not worried about my sale. I already have orders in queue


Big no. I wouldn’t vote for it neither as seller nor as a buyer.

From buyer prospective I want to choose a person that have my style and can understand my needs not only person who knows how to use photoshop with matching skills.

And as a seller I don’t want to be stuck with a buyer I don’t like or the order that is not my style that I wouldn’t be able to create.

That is a lazy way for new sellers. Freelancing is very competitive and the best one wins, we all started with 0 sales and low impressions but the good sellers made it to the top, the acarage stayed where they are.


Thank you to all whether you agreed with me or not. Thank you for replying


Ok Understood. Very good reply


Real life jobs there are nothing to do with virtual life games. In real life, buyers want to chose what they want to buy, not forced to buy something “someone else” choose. Buyers want to chose between the best product/service that fit their interests.

The same for sellers. Those who are betters than most wont like this, because they would lose potential buyers for randomness. It would be only good for amateur and below average sellers, who cant get works because their lack of experience or because they are not good at all.

Matchmaking multiplayer games only do this so people have not to wait that much to have a match, and give up the game.