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A good video for your gig is imperative

I am still surprised to find sellers with just a still image on their gig sales - it doesnt cost that much to get somebody like me to do one for you. Or I can put you in touch with FREE Video editing software

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I disagree that a video is needed for every gig. With certain artwork gigs, I think just the still images can be used and still have a similar effect on the potential buyer.

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You should see how few TRS hasn’t a gig video but just a simple image and they sell like crazy!

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Disagree, I did some experiment and it does not work that way at all. I have 1 gig with a video and had the same gig without no difference.

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I always change my videos on some of my gig but some gigs that I have with no video has been having sales as well, not sure if its because when a buyer click on my other gigs they see the others as well.

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Lol, nice way to try to get sales, kiddo. But no, many TRS just have one or two images on their best selling gigs. Videos are a nice touch and they increase conversion, that’s true but that not’s the case for all gigs. For some gigs, all you need is a good description and a great starting offer.

Videos are imperative for gigs where your voice, performance or appearance is the key of the service you’re providing. For these gigs the buyer needs to be able to have a sample of your voice, your performance or see you physically to know if they want you to work for them.

The rest of the gigs on fiverr gain very little from videos except being able to summarize 1200+ words in a 50s video. However, most buyers will still read the description and inbox you before deciding to buy your gig so the video does very little for you. For these gigs, its better if the seller invests a day or two on figuring out how to do a decent video by themselves.

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I think gig video is not important for every gigs.

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I agree with you but Fiverr encourage to added a video for 220% increase sale!!!

Gig videos are great if you offer video/audio editing services (like I do) but I don’t think they’re imperative for every category.

I am also agree with you. I am a new seller. I added my won video but not get any order last 15 days. Other new seller add a picture they got order. That is not right. Because Fiverr encourage to added a video for 220% increase sale!!!

Mis concertos no tienen video…y no he vendido nada aun en dos semanas…Voy a hacer un video y les cuento

It’s probably 220% on average. Fiverr cannot guarantee that you will get that much. And, as other sellers said here, it depends on the gig and, I would add, the quality of the video. You do your own marketing :).

Sometimes the seller have a video in process but didnt got it a prooved, like me waiting more than 24 hours for my gig videos and just on saturdays or sundays, it takes long time. I dont know why it have to be so for a 1 min video (50 mb).

My thoughts about this video thing… It is true that video is more engaging and will probably land you more sales on your gig than if you don’t have a video. In the years that come probably 90% of the content online will be video and nobody will bother reading.

But you can’t just create video for every gig. As @solow13 said, depends from the nature of the gig. Further more, you don’t have to create video when gig was created… First create some gig, then wait to see if the gig has started to receive clicks. Not views, not impressions but clicks. This means that people are really interested in your gig and they click on it to find out more. Now once you see people being interested, you can give them video content instead of bothering them with reading.

If you have gig that has milions of views and impressions and only a few clicks, then why would you spend resources on making video for that gig that nobody is interested in?

My question is that, ‘should you include only images in a video like a slideshow or the person himself should explain the gigs he offers?’

That’s not true, I have 3 gigs without videos and they get orders, I have one gig with a video that has gotten no orders. When I started on Fiverr, I had no money so I couldn’t afford to hire people to make me videos. Later on, I did add videos to most of my gigs, but not all.

Now I admit a video can be a powerful commercial for your gig, but that doesn’t mean everyone wants to watch your video. I certainly don’t watch every video when I’m searching for things to buy.

good one there but not all niche or categories need video to excel in their trade lime me i had to remove my gig videos, i see no different when i have videos and when i do not have.

Meh, I’m a writer. I don’t need a video. I’m not Billy Mays. Wouldn’t a video only really work if you worked in video? Sure, I get that video advertising and marketing is really taking off, but consider your clients… not everyone enjoys broadband, and if you’ve got a shitty internet connection, you’re not going to watch a video. Especially an advertising video, unless it was really really good–and let’s be honest, “buy my awesome gig on Fiverr plz” won’t be that video.

Focus on the blurb.

Yeah, they say that. But I could tell you that if you don’t have a website you’re losing 67% of potential customers. It’s just marketing BS. I’m sure it works, but I’d love to see which stats they specifically chose out of ALL of them to arrive at 220%.

Or maybe it was just a number they pulled out of their ass, rounded up.