A good way to get a great deal


It is a good idea to click on a sellers name when you come across a Gig that interests you or one of the results that show up from a search for a particular service, so that you can see their entire profile.

Some sellers have Gigs that don’t show up in the search.

As an example the name of the ‘poster’ in this forum is a direct ink to their profile… Click on it.
The attached screenshot below is another example.

Some sellers have really good discounted deals, where you can get a lot more done for a lot less than advertised, if you can find them. :smiley:


do u have any idea why some gigs doesnt show up


You’re targeting French speakers in English. Translate them all back into French and make those into gigs. Simple. I note that only French speakers work with you, so this is a no-brainer.

There are no guarantees that the search results will favor you.


I am trying to think of things I need done on facebook now … this is like being in the electronics shop and seeing 2 blu-ray players for the price of one so you have to buy 2 blu-ray players because, wow, what an offer, even though you only went into the shop in the first place to buy a plug.


lol… I see you found it :smiley:


Yep… What @emmaki said :slight_smile: