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A gradual decrease in orders, clicks and impressions

Does anyone facing the problem of not getting orders from past 2, 3 days. I am little worried about how it will come back to normal. Got one order in 5 days. :frowning:

It comes in waves…there’s no doubt. The last week of March, I had maybe 2 orders. This first week of April, I was slammed with orders from new clients and previous ones. Normally, I would have done some marketing to help, but not this time. I decided to let it ride out and see what happened.

I do know that my top gig is way down in the searches, like in the teens, but I’ve had newbie clients tell me a friend of theirs recommended me, so I’ll assume that’s helping too.

It’ll come back… give it some time and do some marketing if you feel you need to.

Yes you are right Emerald. Sometimes the orders are overflowing and you don’t get the time off. Your words have given me a little courage. I thought, it was only on my part. thanks v much:)

Personally, I look at drops in orders as opportunities to tweak my gigs, take some time out and think about new services which I could possibly branch out into offering. If I were you, I’d do the same. This way, you use the time in a way which directly benefits your gigs in the long term.

awesome piece of advice. Probably it was first time I had seen such a great decline in orders. Thanks dude

It has always gone up and down sometimes dramatically which in my case I think is based mostly on when the fiverr ads hit various media.