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A Great Buyer of Mine Leave Me A Feedback That Makes Me Wonder and Smile


I just can’t help myself from smiling when I read this on one of my buyer’s feedback. It makes me wonder why and how it could be, or what I’ve done for her to make her say that and leave me that kind of wordings. I am not a native English Speaker, so I kinda mis-interpret her phrase the first time I’ve read the message. It seems like, I’ve done something naughty to her to make her say that.

To anyone who is a native English Speaker here, what else could this sentence/phrase mean?


This is the one I am referring to… "…and went all the way out to satisfy me"

Reading that makes me think as if I did something naughty to her, something sexy… ya know…

…we went all the way and I’ve satisfied her… :wink:



I don’t know what’s with my mind… but reading that phrase really makes me think…

Good day!!


Why spoil his fantasies kjblynx? This kind of comment doesn’t come every day, or to everybody. Keep on the good work touchtype, you never know. Maybe you have a particular way of touch typing! :))


ahaha! …