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A great review makes it all worth it

I’m always a bit hesitant to work with buyers who just joined the platform. This buyer been through some stuff in their life and needed help turning it into music. After reading the review they left me it put a smile on my face.


Feel free to share a buyer review that had the same effect on you, if any.


That is a brilliant review! I agree, it makes your day feel great when you get a really personal, great review like that!

This is one I got recently that I felt really proud of:

Many suppliers had the voice matching my scope; however what made Sue different from the rest was her mind-set. She is not here just for the cash, instead loves what she does. Is highly determined to study the project and ask questions in order to ensure she gives her best; always! Highly recommended!


Very dope indeed. Sets you apart from other sellers in your field. :+1:

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Here are two I am proud of. :relaxed:

*BEST ON FIVERR. JUST HIRE! Goes above and beyond every time! *

I couldn’t have chosen a better seller for my complaint letter. Vickie’s work is phenomenal, very detailed and her commitment to addressing all of your concerns in the most accurate way possible. She deserves more than 10 stars. She an expert at what she does. I am greatly satisfied.


A great review is very motivating, that make me feel I’m doing the things in the right way. Congratulations for your great review.