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A Great tip for Sellers to increase Sales 200%

Hi all,

This is my first post to Fiverr forum. Sorry if i did any mistake on this post. I heard about fiverr from a friend.I just registered on this. But i couldn’t start with service because i had a big exam. Then after many months I started it.

When i made gigs their wasn’t sales. But by the time their was few views only.

Then i asked from fiverr experts about this and One said a amazing secret about promoting gigs. This is doing only few sellers here.

Did you ever think about YOUTUBE to promote your gigs???

1.Make a attractive video with just 2,3 pics

2.Put a attractive Title. Not "I’ll doo…"

Like “How to make 50 high pr backlinks easily”

"How to make a KILLER logo professional way"

Or any other way you like.

3.Promote in g+ fb and twitter

You can see a increase of views and sales. I noticed that every 100 viewers include at least 2 buyers.I would like to know your idea about this method. Sorry If this is a repost.

Thank You



Great !!

Reply to @imadou: Thank You

I have missed the most important part :frowning:

In the video description include your link after shortening using bitly or ■■■■■■

And add tags relavant also

greate :expressionless:

Great! I have some marketing ideas now on my mind :slight_smile:

Reply to @shadatbd: Thank You :slight_smile:

Reply to @vince007: Great ! I would like to know if you share ur ideas :slight_smile:

excellent promoting idea



Reply to @jhon84: Welcome :slight_smile:

@devikasaraswat If you want help you just need to create your own new topic.

I am new on forum so I read this tip and I tried to reply what’s wrong I did

How can I do this
Creating ny own topic

The post is from 2014 (maybe you didn’t notice) and the OP no longer has a Fiverr account.

Just go to the forum login page and you will see New Topic in green on the right hand side at the top.

Okay thanks I will try

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Yes I did not noticed it

Perfect, i am also using YouTube for marketing.

wow great ! i have some ideas in my mind so i like to just use it .