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Good day, everyone. I’ve been seeing a lot of commonly asked questions in the forums as of late. I assume Fiverr has drawn a lot of traffic in the last month so we have a rush of new sellers here. Here’s a little FAQ so you don’t have to go forum hunting for answers to some of your questions.

How do I get my gig on the front page?

-No one knows exactly how certain gigs get on the front page since there is a nice mix of new sellers and seasoned sellers there. We mostly believe that there is a rotation. If you have been struggling for about a month and still have not seen your gig on the front page, you can nicely ask Customer Support to bump you up for a few days. They don’t have to agree, but you can always try.

How do I add ‘gig extras?’

-Gig extras come with Levels. As a new seller, you cannot add gig extras. Check out the Levels page so you can get an idea of how you can earn some levels!

I have been a seller for a month and made over ten sales. Why haven’t I been levelled up?

-It is done automatically by the Fiverrbot (yes, I just named him that) so sometimes there may be a delay. I would say that if you have not been levelled up automatically within 5 days of hitting your one month mark, go ahead and ask Customer Support why. Note: If you have a warning on your account, it CAN prevent you from levelling up. Again, you need to contact Customer Support to get that fixed.

This person inboxed me telling me to do service outside of Fiverr. I will get a bigger cut. Is this a good idea?

-No. Beware, new sellers. First of all, this is against Fiverr’s Terms of Service and you can have your account banned. Secondly, there has been a bunch of people trying to scam new sellers lately. They will try to lure you to do business offsite only to never pay you, use your personal information to get into your account, and take all your hard earned money. It has been happening a lot so as long as you stay on Fiverr, you are protected by the Fiverr Admin (unless you are blatently giving away your personal information… then they can’t really help you…)

Can I link my website to Fiverr?

-Before you do this, if it isn’t a Flickr page, I would ask Customer Support because they usually do not like off-site links. If you MUST, though, then ask them.

Someone messaged me telling me that they will place an order with me after I inbox them my gig delivery. He never messaged me back, never placed an order, and never paid me. What did I do wrong?

-If someone messages you inquiring about your gig, do not actually start working on the gig until an order is placed. Feel free to send them samples (watermark them) but do not start on their gig yet. If they place an order with you, you will get something on the top of your page that says “1 New Notification.” When they click on it, you will see it say that that user has placed an order with you. Don’t fall for the “I did place an order… you don’t see it? Maybe Fiverr is glitched! Can you deliver anyway?” No. If there is a glitch, go to Seller and click Manage Sales. Check there to know for sure that they placed an order. Do not get scammed into giving your gig away for free.

How do I deliver my order?

-Click on Seller – Manage Sales- click on the order you want to deliver. Scroll down until you see a big box with a Deliver button on it. Click the deliver button to attach documents or images, or if you have a gig that is just writing a few words, then do that. Then click ‘send.’ The page wll refresh and at the very top, there is a bar that will go from “In Progress” to a green colored bar that says “Delivered.”

How do I get an express tag?

-Set your delivery time to 1 day. The second you are late you will lose the tag. The second you extend it to more than 1 day, you will also lose the tag and you won’t get it back. Once you deliver your first order with that 24 hour turnaround, an ‘express’ tag will appear next to your gig. If you are new, you may want to consider using this method to draw people to your gig. Some people are impatient and want same day delivery so if you can cater to that, try it out.

I got negative feedback! What do I do?

-I will make another post about this separately because this is a beast in its own. If you feel that it was unwarranted, contact Customer Support. However, if you know in your heart that you didn’t give 110% effort or you were late on delivery, then you may just have to accept it. 90% of us have dealt with negative reviews. Your first one will break your heart but you have to work through it if you want to see success. Nothing ever comes easy, and Fiverr is included in that statement.

How do I become a Featured Seller?

-These are hand-picked by Fiverr’s Admin. Honestly, just make a lot of sales, be courteous, keep your ratings high, and just cross your fingers. You can also, yet again, contact Customer Support and ask them to have you be a Featured Seller, but if you’re brand new, have very few sales, or a low rating (under 90%), I wouldn’t bother.

I sent in a support ticket. It’s been two days. Why haven’t I gotten an answer yet?

-They are people too so be mindful of that. They have families, friends, and lived outside of Fiverr too. Also, there are a LOT of people besides you sending in a support ticket. I have had tickets that took a week and a half to get to, but they got to it eventually. They’re not ignoring you on purpose. It is just that they have a lot of tickets to get to as well. Be patient.

I can’t search myself or I am ranked very low in the searches. How come?

-No one knows how Fiverr’s search algorithm works and honestly, we all have our own theories. I always thought that the more I sold and the higher I kept my ratings, the higher I will be on the searches in my niche… but that’s just my opinion. Trust me, I’ve asked Fiverr support before and they told me straight up that they won’t give out that information. Sometimes you won’t show up in the searches. If you recently started a new gig or suspended your gig, try again in about two days because it takes time to put you back on the searches. If it still doesn’t show up, then contact Customer Support.

Why am I not getting any views on my gig?

-The view counter is broken for all of us…

How come I am not getting any sales?

-Another beast in its own as well… this is something I’ll cover in another post. But, in a nutshell, advertise yourself everywhere- Facebook, Pinterest, word of mouth, etc. Be patient. Be active on the forums (but courteous! Don’t post your gig on irrelevant threads. This will actually hurt you.) There is a lot you can do to get sales… you just have to actively try. Keep a positive mindset. Trust me, at one point, we all were new and had to compete with the seasoned sellers. We did it, so can you. Stay motivated.

How do cancellations work?

-Avoid them… because they can prevent you from levelling up and too many will actually bump you down levels too. If you and your buyer cannot agree on something or they ordered your gig by accident, do a mutual cancellation. Forced cancellations will drop your rating, so don’t do those. If they refuse to cancel, contact Customer Support to get Fiverr Admin to force the cancel without affecting your rating, BUT, make sure you have a good reason.

If you have any other questions, feel free to post on this thread and I will try my best to answer them. Remember to be courteous to buyers, others sellers, and the Fiverr team. It will help with your reputation here on Fiverr and a good reputation leads to better sales.

Have a great day!


Someone sent me an attachment... what do I do?
-If you don't know this person or if you aren't expecting an attachment, ignore it and tell them that you do not accept attachments. If it smells like a fish, probably is a fish. Protect yourself. If it looks like solicitation, hit that report button.

Who/what is a fragglesrock?
-Admin use this term as a form of censorship to either mask 'bad words,' protect users from calling out other users, etc.


Im new in Fiverr and your advice is really2 what i need. Thank you so much. GOD BLESS YOU. :slight_smile:


You’re very welcome! :smiley: I was hoping it would help some of the newer sellers around here. Good luck to ya!


Very nice mrspanda!!! :slight_smile: Every (or almost every) possile question answered - well done!


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Thanks everyone! If there are any questions you guys think I missed/should ask… let me know! I spend like… my whole day writing while i have the baby attached to me… can’t do my readings xD


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Hey Mrs. Panda and Everyone,
So, I’m super new to Fiverr and I was wondering…When you post a gig, what does the Impressions section mean?


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