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A guy keeps contacting me via messages saying he wants me to add him on an external message service, what should I do?

A guy keeps contacting me via the message system saying he wants me to call him on another, external, service. I keep marking his messages as spam and blocking him, but if he buys my gig and rates me low, I’m pretty much screwed because I have no other clients or reviews. What should I do? I’m really not sure, because I could honestly be screwed no matter what I do, by my estimations, as a newbie seller with no clients.


First report him to fiverr for trying to contact you outside the platform and then I think blocking him will prevent him from buying your gig.


If you read the ToS you wouldn’t have to ask this question. Don’t appease a manipulator just try to get ahead. Never even consider letting someone exploit you. That doesn’t help you move forward. It keeps you back.


He has no interest in buying your gig. He is someone who sends that message to lots of new sellers to try to do some type of scam.


Block him from contacting you and report him to the Customer Support.


Don’t reply him… That could lead to fiverr blocking of your account.

Report and block, easy as that.

like other folks have said, report him and block him. That’s going to be the best thing that I would know to do.

Fiverr HATES spammers! I’m surprised they haven’t taken action to block this guy. I love it when I see a message that says a spammer has been blocked. Although I was blocked at the beginning because I saw a YouTube video that encouraged new sellers to reach out to people who may need your service. I was given a warning and was so ashamed but it was a rookie move and I just didn’t know. Yes, read from beginning to end the “terms of service” and it will answer all your questions. Just do a quick search and you should find it easily. Also, don’t believe everything on the Fiverr blog because there are times when writers will mention something but it goes against the TOS.

While the content is usually good, there are two problems with Fiverr’s blog:

  1. Sometimes it looks like the writer isn’t a Fiverr seller, and is talking about freelancing in general, without knowing Fiverr’s ToS.
  2. Some of those post are now obsolete; what was allowed in the past is now forbidden.
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