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A have a major question about Buyers requests

When you see a buyers request, is it safe to say that you can still send buyers to request even if you see nothing in the list that is directly linked to you? Say, for instance, someone says they need a logo, but you would do promotional Services if it’s safe to say to them “I don’t do logos, but I can promote your business for you in the future if you require services order?”


Check this out:

A buyer is looking for someone to provide a professional service that is relevant to them now, not for something that they may or may not require in the future.


I would avoid doing that. If buyers mark your messages as spam, your account could be closed.


Okay, thank you for that.

If you post an ad looking for a professional to do something for you, would you appreciate it if you received tons of spam from various people that has nothing to do with what you need done? How would you feel if you had to wade through tons of spam in order to find at least one offer that is related to what you actually need?


I have to agree with those who label it as spam. :neutral_face: I have found over the years that many procedures that we see as harmless, and through which we mean to do someone good, are really plain and simple spamming. We purpose to help someone and we take advantage of avenues that are not open to us for that. It is really self-seeking in all the wrong ways. Most of the time, there is truly a thin line between spamming and marketing. It is often hard to get it and distinguish between them, but when it happens to us, we are then better able to see why it is called spam.

Good luck to you and take care! :+1:t4: