A Humble Request To All Sellers From All Buyers


Hello buyers,

I am representing here my all seller friends.

I heartily thank you all for being so nice to us. We are always ready to serve you by our every effort and skills. When you order us, we start making our best to make you happy. Our only aim is to provide better service and product to you. We are always ready to do revisions when you ask for.

What we want for our service is - A five-star positive review. Yes, this is the thing, not every seller care of. We can do everything for you not only for some bucks but, also a positive review. It is equally important to us as money. I can understand that sometimes you deal with some bad sellers who just do the rubbish job and deny to do modifications. I exclude them from us. But, If we do the job as per your information and descriptions, then we deserve a five-star rating. every star you deduct can pay us a lot. We can lose our sale.

So, it’s a humble request. Please be nice and post a five-star rating after successful completion of your order. :slight_smile:


I totally DISAGREE! You are just begging for a 5 star reviews. Buyers should need to leave a honest review. It is not a good thing to force a buyer to give you a 5 star rating! Their honest review help other users of this website to determine about your services. If a seller provides what they described then there is no need to worry.


As a matter of fact, there is a need to worry. Many buyers just leave a negative review without any reason. If they cared about helping other users, then why more than ten orders of mine are not rated? I am just a level 1 seller) See? All Five fingers are not the same-paaji.


You don’t understand difference between begging and request. I am requesting buyers not to forget to post a five star review after they are fully satisfied with seller’s service. This post is online for those sellers who don’t post reviews from thos buyers who do their best to finish the job.


then why are you mentioning “Post 5 star review” . Just say post a review…a honest review! You know i am right!


Your post contains content that otherwise violate Fiverr’s TOS.

I will not say what or why.

This is not an acceptable post for “Tip for Buyers”.