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A hunch it's spam?

Hey could anyone help please?

Recieved an order, but can’t find the user on search.

The request is very few words and a little crude - Nothing wrong with that, just have a spammy hunch about it.

Should I go ahead?

Another user keeps saying ‘Hey’ and ’ Are you there?’. Can’t find them on a user Search either.



In the order page, can you click buyer’s name and go to his profile? I would deliver the order

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It says tap here for contact info.

When I do there is no profile picture (Nothing wrong with that) and no recent activity.

I have clients like that too. I don’t think there will be a problem


Ok great. Thanks for the info.

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I don’t understand where did you try search him ?
Did you try " View conversation with in your inbox " at bottom of the order page ?

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I tried the user Search when you switch to buying mode and nothing shows up.

Had no problem with finding other buyers/users in the past.


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This happens when they haven’t registered as a seller. I have a friend with a full profile and yet you can’t find her using the Search for users function because she hasn’t done anything yet besides setting it up.

To check their profile, write in the URL bar, add a slash and copy-paste their name.


Ah. Thanks for that mattboa!

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