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A hypothetical secret about Promoted Gigs

Few (let say 4) years back, sellers was less in numbers and each had good queues on their gigs. Sellers kept on increasing with time. No doubt buyers are also increased but not with the exact proportion as sellers. Top rated gigs which used to have 500+ queues, now have more like 100. This is due to new sellers adding up each day. New seller offers the service for $5 which TRS would have offered in $100. And now, most sellers are worried about orders. Even level 2 and some TRS too. Plus increased additional fees are a real headache. Yes, yearly freelance earnings are increased significantly. But this never implies each seller’s pay is increased. Its due to raging fire of new freelancers every year.

So whats the next? What to do to get more orders?
Fiverr is taking a shot at a beta feature called ‘Promoted Gigs’. Yes! No more self promotion. They will promote, you’ll relax. This is how they claimed it to work. But in return, they will charge you more. You will have option to give them 10%, 15% and 20% additional after official fiverr 20% commission per gig. Obviously, promotion will work best for those individuals who will give them full 20% additional. So 40% commission altogether and you will get $3 per $5 gig. In search, your gig will be on the top of high rated gigs. Currently, few people are haphazardly selected for beta testing. It will roll out to all sellers within months.Those people will have 500+ queues again. It will dare other people to try it. After some time, new sellers will know the importance of it since it will only charge you from the orders placed due to the ad. No $$$ needed to turn this feature on. They will have their new gig on the top of high rated ones.

Now a day comes when Everyone have it enabled. All sellers’ gigs are placed on ads section randomly. Since everyone is utilizing this awesome feature. So the 500+ queue is back to 100 again. Do you feel any change due to new ‘Promoted Gigs’ feature? what is truly changed? Yes of course! THE FIVERR COMMISSION. Its a change/improvement. They are now getting 40% of your earnings. The only change is the increased fiverr commission.

This article is completely based on my personal observation. I’m not a fortune teller. I really don’t know if exactly same as explained above will happen or not. But as compared to current situation, its likely to be happened.

Readers! Please let me know your thoughts about it. What do you think? Will the new feature bring any change/improvement to your earnings or not? Comment below.
Thanks for reading.

I don’t know what to say, I just started 11 days ago, and had my first order today, got my first 5$:) I’m happy:)) Anyway, I know that there are alot of spammers, and alot of sellers that don’t even sell, and just lie about things and spam their offer on buyer requests

I also activated this feature. I got 7 orders according to the records. But I do not know which orders came from advertisements. If the system can record how many orders we got through advertisements, I think it is better if system can show somewhere in the order page how we receive that order. I hope they will add this near future.

You have good amount of queue. Maybe you will be able to differ on the completion of the order where you can see earned amount in top green banner.

Ahan! I see. Good luck with your goals.

Oh, stop with the helpless little us in the face of conspiracy stuff. How can there be a hypothetical secret when the feature isn’t even properly launched yet and we don’t know how exactly it will work, and more importantly, how it affects the current dynamic of visibility?

In any case, you don’t have to pay the supposed 40%. It’s a choice, much like being on Fiverr. Personally, I find that reduced sales just gives me more impetus to change some shit around. Besides, you’re clearly not thinking strategically. Instead of thinking passively (“how will this affect me?”) think actively (“how can I make this work for me?”)

If you want a realistic idea of how this will be implemented and the effect it has had on a freelance economy, I suggest looking at other sites and their forums. This stuff is really just hare-brained conspiracy and not actually a tip.

Assuming you missed the bottom part of the post. These are just thoughts of mine. I don’t know what will happen. Just wanted to know opinions of other fellow sellers. Yes its not launched but available for some hand picked sellers. And everyone is trying best to think actively (“how can I make this work for me?”). This is the main reason for the pre-imagined situation. All people thinking actively would like to give it a go as soon as it will roll out.

I just cant help but love the way you slap everyone when they post something b******y:)) You are that kind of person who slaps some sense into us. Like some sort of Harambe.

I did, these are my thoughts. Ultimately, there’s more profit to be found in dealing with current realities, signing up for (an option, however it works out) when it launches and adjusting from there on out. You can’t really figure out how something will work out for you when you have nothing but anecdotal beta test details, for example.

You could be actively strategizing for the general roll-out–as yet unannounced, it’s just a burble on the forum due to a recent thread–or working on your stuff as it stands now.

It’s pretty obvious that as it costs nothing upfront, a lot of people are going to try it out. More likely than not, the dev team in charge of this is already working on that.

As I said, you’re pre-imagining the unknown when you could be working to fix the known-knowns as they stand now, then when/if this comes to pass, you then do something about it. A bunch of handpicked beta testers plucked from obscurity means relatively little in the greater scheme of things.

Thanks for your comment. It makes sense :slight_smile: Maybe they inform you when you’re selected for beta testing. Being featured is completely different thing though.

How’s that active thinking working out for you?

Sorry, that was a bit bitchy, but c’mon, posting all this hypothetical talk with a negative slant when you a) have no experience as a beta tester, b) don’t even know how it works in beta, c) don’t know what happens if the Fiverr Gods bestow you with such privelege…

And then post it in Tips? I’m just waiting for the “thank great tip” people to arrive now.

Did you have access to the promoted gig feature and if so, did you use it? This thread has a central topic.

Haha. Not only me. A lot other people posted about it with a negative slant. There is nothing do with “thank great tip” in this post. And yeah, I’m not beta tester but I know how it works in beta (by a fellow seller). Its clearly explained in academy too. I just pre imagined what if everyone utilize it? So there will be no effect. Right? I don’t know what happens if Fiverr lords bestow me with it. But I know as soon as it will be out, people will jump on it. The main purpose of posting it, is just to know the thoughts of fellow sellers. There’s nothing to do with conspiracy.

For now, my active thinking is just working for me. I don’t know how it will be after the feature will be out.

I think your overall thoughts on the post are harsher than necessary, but I do have to agreed that this is a conversation, not a tip. Moved accordingly. Otherwise, I don’t know if it’s a conspiracy theory or just a clickbait title, but the discussion is interesting.

It is conspiracy right now, as we do not know how it will be implemented (if it is) when it finally rolls out. Go to the Fiverr thread in (conversations?) and it’s full of “me me me me” stuff.

As I said, Fiverr’s tech team has access to a lot more data etc than us and they will want to make it work in a commercially viable way.

Anyway, enough blather. I found the Academy link and will post it below where it’s more visible…

@fonthaunt: Thank you for moving it accordingly. Originally, no link or any kind of service description is in the topic. So its not a conspiracy theory or clickbait title.

Agree with a part of it. Lets see what you post.

Some highlights:

Your commission fee is one of the main factors that is considered in the placement and ranking of your Promoted Gig. Relevance to a search query, popularity and a Gig’s rating are some of the other variable taken into account.

The percentage you set will in part determine where your Promoted Gig appears in search results and in category listings. The higher the budget, the higher the likelihood that your Promoted Gig will be one of the top ones featured.

A Promoted Gig’s placement is not determined or affected by your Gig’s natural ranking in search results and category listings.

your Promoted Gig can appear even if your regular Gig appears within search results.

This is not set in stone, however:

During Beta testing, for those who decide to participate, Fiverr will select the Gigs that can be Promoted Gigs. This is so that we can collect data that will help us develop this feature and ensure that sellers are getting the most out of this new form of promotion. In the future, you will be able to select the Gigs you want listed as Promoted Gigs.

Fiverr is not so much trailblazing as following a well-worn path that other freelance marketplaces have done. That’s why I keep saying to look at how other LIVE systems work (rather than a controlled beta and a FAQ that answers questions that are subject to change according to what the dev team does before rolling it out).

Note that gigs which are already naturally placed high up will get double exposure, while the pay to play model is as mercenary as any other you can name. Put together, both of these points negate the bulk of your argument.

But you know, it’s all subject to change. Why actively waste time plotting on this when you can fix something now?

Not really on my account but on a friend’s account. At least I know how it works currently. Its still in beta so don’t know what will happen.