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A I being scammed?

A few days ago an a buyer came to me saying they need help with high end beauty retouching. (Please note I did send a offer to this particular buyer via buyer requests and only after that buyer contacted me). And buyer said before paying they need an sample from me and sent me 3 pictures to be retouched. Now I am new to fiverr, therefor I do not have enough samples in my gig to showcase my work. So I said yes, and sent the sample with a watermark on them. But buyer has not responded then after. And I have gone through the buyers profile and buyer account is new. Am I being scammed. If not should I have a chat with the buyer asking whether samples met their expectation?

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New sellers often are asked for free samples so that the person can get his job done for free. He probably was mad that it had the watermark. Yes it was a trick to get free work done. I’m sorry this happened to you!


Retouch them and watermark them yourself (something big in the middle, making the photo unusable). They can’t use it if you sent them like this.

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Lesson learned, thanks both.