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A/L Examination (Waiting your wishes)

Hey ,
Tomorrow I will face 3rd shy A/L Examination.
I need your wishes fabulous guys. :wink:


good luck brother…

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Good luck brother, I think you’re doing mathematics stream. don’t you? :smiley:

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No . Technology stream bro

Thanks a lot . :slight_smile:

Did you done even your first and second shy in tech? I don’t think so.

Good luck :+1::+1::+1:

All the best bro :joy::joy::joy:

Good luck, wish you the best

Thanks bro :slight_smile:

Yeah . Technology stream

Thanks friend :slight_smile:

Thank you @ezebunwo1

A/L Examination is equivalent to 12th greed, right? In our country, we have HSC (Higher Secondary Certificate exam) . I passed it in 2008. (with average marks of course :stuck_out_tongue: )

Good Luck on your exam. :sunflower:

Drinks are on you when you pass. :slight_smile: :cup_with_straw:

Good luck with your exam :sunglasses::+1:

Best of luck. :+1::+1:

Thanks @wp_kid :slight_smile:

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Yeah yeah :laughing:

Thanks a lot @creationdaddy

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