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A Lazy Thought I'm Having

Do you ever see an order (or even multiple orders) in the queue, look at it, and just say, “Nah.” Like, you have a good time left on it even though you haven’t started it yet, and you’re just not going to start it today even if you have nothing better to do?

I do. I do this a lot on the weekends. I’m not sure if it’s lazy or not (though some side of me tells me it is).

What do you think? Can you empathize?


I do that but still try to get all orders delivered in two days or less. I do it on weekends usually since I work seven days a week. I feel guilty though when I do it. :blush:
(Actually it’s rare for me to do it. I just love to work.)


All the time. Always.


Oh absolutely.
Been there, done that.

Having that said my work motto is
“Work your @$$ off today, and slack off tomorrow guilt free,” so it is rather rare.
Still though, we always have one of those days when you juuuuuuuuust don’t feel like
doing anything that is work related.

I’d rather poke my cat’s toe beans to pass time.


:sweat_smile: You’re so funny!


I would love to see what that looks like, you doing that.


I have had such lazy thoughts too…

A little story…

One day I had to deliver a design in about 10 hours… So I was like I have time & went on reading a book (I am a bookaholic… can’t keep a good book down till I finish) without realizing there was a 10-hour power cut… :pleading_face: and I was about to get late on the order…
But for some luck, I got the power back earlier than expected so I was able to deliver on time…

Lesson learned: Never be lazy to finish your work before you get a book…whether you have a power cut or not… :slightly_smiling_face:


I’d love to have orders in my queue.

Lol… I think every freelancer does this once a while…

We feel lazy and complete order at the last minute…

Great thing is buyers can’t tell its a quick job…

I think you are taking drugs or doing behaviour that has negative impact to your dopamine neurotransmitter.

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