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A learning curve!

I am a new seller on Fiverr. I am not finding it easy to navigate around the site to figure out how I can start getting gigs in. The Forum posts are currently the most informative, but I still have some basic questions which, I would presume, would be addressed by Fiverr at the very beginning of registering:
Am I able to make offers to Buyers?
How do I find Buyers who are looking for services that I offer?
Indeed, am I able to find Buyers!?

Overall, I am finding Fiverr confusing, a club I have yet to understand the rules of. And I am not the sort to take courses, and like and talk about things simply to promote myself. If that means that a different platform for my work is more suitable, then I shall have a think about that after I have tried to make Fiverr work for me.

Any answers to my questions, or different experiences would be welcome to here. :slight_smile: And Happy friday everyone :slight_smile:


Are you the sort who reads the Terms of Service page when signing up? It’s a bit longer but very informative.

Go to the “more tab” on your account page, click on it, then click on “buyer requests”. All though a buyer request section does exist, Fiverr isn’t really made for sellers looking to apply for gigs. It’s more of a marketplace where buyers in need of a service, select the best candidate for the job by using the search engine.


Happy Friday to you as well, and welcome to the forum!

Apart from browsing the forum, I’d recommend reading yourself through Fiverr’s “Seller/Buyer Help Center” (linked in menu/footer, or just Google "Fiverr Help Center), that should answer all your questions of the more technical kind, like where you find Buyer Requests, etc.

From my perspective, you always learn more/how to better handle things as you go, but having read the ToS and Help Center articles, plus some forum posts, when I started out, I can’t say I found it too confusing or complicated.

There are “different style platforms”, though, and might be ideal for “different style sellers”, so I guess it depends. If you prefer a site more geared towards sellers bidding for orders, Fiverr might not be ideal for you. For me, it’s perhaps the best site of it’s kind, because I don’t like the bidding style websites so much.

Just try it out to see if it works for you. Good luck!

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Hey j :slightly_smiling_face: haha! No, I am not the sort to read the Terms of Service! Perhaps, I should be a bit more discerning!?

Thank you for the steps on looking into the Buyer requests, and the clarification on the Buyer / Seller relationships.

Think of it as a marketplace. That makes it easier to understand.

Researching how marketplace vendors get sales in marketplaces is also helpful. While it’s services not products here, the principles of sales are very similar

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Hallo! :grin: Thank you for your message. I do find it helpful to be pointed in the right direction of what to pick on and where it takes you. I’ll carry on exploring and figuring it out, and it’s nice to talk to some people on here too.

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That sounds like a useful metaphor to me, and one I think I shall enjoy considering. Thank you! :grin:

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If you’re more of a visual learner, this free course from Fiverr may be useful: