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A lesson learned

eBooks are becoming more popular with each passing day. Today, instead of carrying books everywhere for you to read, you can simply download the virtual version of your favorite novels to your phones and tablets, and forgo the additional weight.

If you are a book lover, or would love to have something on hand to read while waiting for something or the other, then this might be the best deal you can find. Where else would you find 3+1 novels for a mere $5?

I will provide you with 3 novels of your choice and an extra one for free.

Please contact me before ordering the gig to ensure that I have your desired books!

Edited: This gig is no longer available thanks to someone pointing out the need to have authorization rights to provide this service.

I’m wondering how can you send your buyers such eBooks: do you own the rights?

I see on your gig Harry Potter eBooks… and I’m sure people must buy them from authorized retailers…

Reply to @mark74: Hi Mark. I bought the eBooks myself so I think that constitutes as me having the right to them. I’ve never heard that you must be a retailer to sell books. If I was hosting a garage sale, does that mean that I wouldn’t be able to sell any of my books? If you can direct me to an official document that states this act is an authorization breach then I will surely be removing this gig of mine. Thank you for pointing out this issue though.



Reply to @mariaameen: in my country this is a violation.

You can sell something that’s yours, not something it’s not.

In this case, you have the right to read that eBook and use that eBook on all your devices, but you don’t have any right to sell it in multiple copies!!

If you buy a book you can resell it (one bought, one sold) but you cannot buy an eBook and sell hundreds of copies for your profit 'cause you don’t have the right to do it!! Only the official company or authorized reseller can do it!

On the contrary (think about it) Amazon or other companies can sue you for their missing incomes…

Just searched for “resell ebooks” on Google and visited one of the pages (only one, but it’s enough):

It clearly states you must buy resell rights to resell ebooks…

Finally, look at this Wikipedia page.

Reply to @mark74: Thanks Mark, you’ve convinced me. In my country, people do this all the time. I guess it’s a lesson learned. I never thought that there were any issues with this type of reselling. Perhaps this type of thing should safely remain among friends trading these kinds of ebooks. I appreciate the time you took to point out this authorization issue. This forum seems to suit its purpose well.

Best regards,


Reply to @mariaameen: Maria, you’re welcome to discuss on forum… a community can help you understanding other countries rules or habits… you know, world is pretty wide :smiley:

And honestly I’m impressed you took my advice as a learned lesson, I’m really happy!! Debating is always the best thing we can do if we’re open to other opinions! So I’m sincerely glad I helped you avoiding problems :slight_smile:

Reply to @mark74: I believe in working with integrity and I’m able to admit to being wrong. Unfortunately, a lot of people let their pride cloud their judgements. I’m grateful that you came along and stated your opinion. Thanks again Mark! :slight_smile: