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A level 2 seller want me to log in into her account


A Level 2 seller has been proposing me a " very unique " gig that would be about logging into one of her language exchange application and perform a voice message to one of her student, because she does not want her " voice to be recognized" and because she does not want to " meet with them " … I believe this request is nonsensical.

I think she is attempting to scam me as I am new to Fiverr and obviously a direct competitor to her, and probably better marketing myself than she does. Somehow she might report me as trying to hack her account, with logs as proof and then have me removed from the platfom …

What do you think I should do ? I already reported one of her message asking me to log into her account to Fiverr’s team, but I would like them to treat this matter more in depth.



You have taken the right steps.

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Stick to your principles and do only work that you are comfortable with. Don´t let them push to something you would feel bad about…It´s not worth of money.

You have reported them and that´s fine.

If they keep spamming you, explain them why you can not deliver such a service and block them eventually.


In my opinion you have done the right thing.

The forums are full of new sellers reporting various scams and dodgy dealings.

At the end of the day, if it doesn’t feel right to you - say no.

The good news is that once you progress through Fiverr, the dodgy approaches do diminish.


Hello Hikari. It doesn’t get much shadier than that, also, that’s definitely against Fiverr’s terms, so you’ve definitely done the right thing.

Sounds as if it’s someone pretending they are someone they are not, whether a native Japanese, a woman, whatever, and have either been pressured to prove it or want to “prove” it for more credibility or whatever, in any case, it’s a super dodgy request.


I think this is exactly the point at stake here for her, her request is absurd. I guess any gig involving incarnating the client to perform a task shall be categorically denied.

After few weeks of using this website, I already spotted few pretending Native Japanese. Even one of my calligraphy customer had a letter translated from a Fiverr big seller, but very far from natural / accurate Japanese…

Will give my best to raise the level and provide what people deserve !