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A lil rant inspired by a buyer of mine who has ordered multiple times yet still


… is so incompetent and hopeless to deal with…

DESPITE me writing out in layman’s terms (numerous times) what I offer and what my prices are (are they not visible on my gig??)
DESPITE still every time attaching a script that is above the word count for 5.00. i do offer the extra amount, and they accept (thankfully), but I mean isn’t it obvious them to place the correct order in the first place? Still no word from them.
DESPITE delivering the completed voiceover, and they use the ‘request modification’ button and say ‘ok’. LIKE WHAT DO YOU WANT? I literally, hit the delivery button again and say, ‘Your recording has been completed’, please see it attached here again. No response, no feedback/review. This happens on every order from them. They use the request mod button as the accept button. what? the one time they used the request mod button right was to say ‘wav’… which meant to make it a wav file-- could you not have just ordered it?!
DESPITE me saying, ‘just send me a quick message next time with exactly what you want, and I will create the order for you, it will be very easy for you!..’ I still have 5.00 orders popping up without fail every month that turn into a communicative disaster.

fiverr needs to implement video chat JUST SO I CAN LOOK THIS PERSON IN THE EYES

yes, I probably sound like a crazy person. but that’s what incompetent people do, make us feel like the crazy jerks haha
so yes, thank you repeat buyer for your business, but come onnnnn work with me just a teeny teeny bit.
not first world problems, five dolla problems.



You can always fire them. I’ve fired several. It’s fun!


You sound like Trump


Spill your secrets, I wanna have fun too!



I’d rather have them implement an “Accept order” / “Decline order” button, as seen on every other major voice over platform I work on.


a decline button would feel so good. sooo good
followed by a block button. would have me feeling like;


Oh please no, and if so it should be optional. The last thing I want to do is spend valuable time going back and forth with a client who doesn’t understand simple buyer requirements over a $5 project[quote=“torrelles, post:6, topic:100207”]
I’d rather have them implement an “Accept order” / “Decline order” button, as seen on every other major voice over platform I work on.

YES, YES and YES!!!


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It doesn’t happen often. I just get tired of their BS and cancel their orders repeatedly. If they don’t get the message the first few times, i wait until the last minute to cancel their orders (risky, do not recommend). Alternatively, one time someone hired me for $5 to write an article. Fine, right? But I charged something like $50 at the time for whatever he wanted. I tried to get in touch numerous times to alert him to this, to no response. So I sent him what my gig said.

Of course, then he was only too eager to shriek at me, attempt to blackmail me with, then give me a 1-star ‘poor experience’ review. I took it to CS and they got rid of it.

Guess who came back a month later with the same crapola? I just went to CS and they took care of it. So yeah, firing the buyer can be fun. That last buyer, BTW, was a ‘silicon valley thought leader’ in his own head–make of that what you will.


agreed, optional for sure… I would literally just open it, look at him/her, shake my head and end the chat haha