A little clue into the inner workings of Fiverr


So I had a client order my family tree gig early this morning. I didn’t hear back from him and sent him a nice message about possible spam and this was his response "Good afternoon! My problem was not in the spam folders, but fiverr.com would not send me a registration email, so I could not get verified"

So it sounds like that sometimes clients can’t get past the front door of FIVERR to submit more information. Just wanted to give you all a heads up…


Ahh, this could definitely explain why people join, order, then disappear. You should make a suggestion to your customer about contacting Fiverr Support about this issue.

I hope Fiverr takes this into account and fixes it.


That happens with any site…someone signs up and the confirmation email gets stuck in spam folder…


Reply to @badgehelp: Yeah they said it wasn’t in the spam folder, they said they waited for the registration email to be able to proceed