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A little disappointed in Fiverr


There are all of these little bugs/glitches/issues on Fiverr that seem pretty simple to fix, I mean, it should take several weeks or months to fix most of it… yet nothing seems to be getting done about it.

One of the little bugs for example is the view counter. Why is something so simple still not fixed after all this time?

We don’t even get updated on this kind of thing either… they could at least announce they are working on it and we can expect it fixed by a certain date or something like that.

It just seems like these little issues are piling up. So instead of a small issue coming up, and being fixed ASAP… it sticks around and then other issues come and then it just becomes a huge mess. :frowning:

Sorry for the rant, just how I feel about it all at the moment. It’s a bit depressing. Is Fiverr going downhill? I really hope not.


I need the ‘gig being paused’ bug to work itself out soon. My gig has shown as paused for 1-2 days sigh


I have the same feeling.

instead of fix all the problems they are accumulating more and more. Finally going to get people bored…

Fiverr help me alot in this last 3 years when they have a problem usually fix it.

Just hope that all problem will fixed soon.


I think maybe just the opposite. Fiverr may be growing and expanding at a rate that is requiring focus on alternative issues.

They have expanded at an extremely fast pace over the last two years and may be having to prioritize certain issues.

They will most likely have to expand their current support staff (they’re hiring!) to handle the growth and leave some convenience items to a later timeframe.

I can personally deal with my view counter being incorrect, as long as my revenue counter doesn’t go down! $-)


I think the main problem is they need to communicate with their customers better (in a public communications sense).

In the short time I’ve been posting on these forums I read the same old problems/requests from people, and the only people I see from a ‘sort of’ official capacity posting on here are the forum sheriffs. I don’t think I’ve ever seen actual Fiverr staff posting on here, at least not in response to other people’s threads and posts.


It’s possible they are becoming overwhelmed by success. Hopefully they’ll hire more programmers and Customer Service folks.