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A little help before I bother CS


Just trying to figure out the new Fiverr layout, so been trying to use it.

I’ve always said it’s NOT user friendly for anyone doing more than a few gigs per day.

And now, I’ve hit a huge problem and… well…

Here’s my question.

Can it not show gig extras ordered on the main order page?

I have 2 gig extras enabled, including an express gig extra for 12 hours or less.

I just logged in to start my orders and… I’m not late delivering 3 gigs because it doesn’t show that the gig extras were added on the order page. I had no idea.

IF there a setting to show just what was ordered with the gig? Ex: The Gig plus 2 gig extras.

This has really messed me up. LOL


Never mind ladies and gents.

Just got a message that gig extras show up with an orange highlight beside them.

Hmmm. Why didn’t I notice that?