A little help? :D PLEASE :D


Ok so im wondering how I can get more sales. I know you can put it on twitter and facebook but they are people I already know how do I get it out there to people who I dont know! Other than them randomly coming across my gigs. I think my Illustration gigs are good value… well I hope they are anyway :slight_smile: Any tips help would be appreciated!


I know some people have told me they ordered my gigs only because they read my posts through the forums.

You can also ask the fiverr support for a bump to the front page.

I also have a blog where I talk about my work and theories, which leads other bloggers to my gigs. :slight_smile:

Lastly, join groups on Facebook. I got the majority of my sales from people I was in a facebook group with that were interested in what I had to do. It was actually a freelance writing group, but since I came across it as a tarot reader, a lot of the members in the group wanted to buy my gig. As an illustrator, I am sure you can find some writers that could use a good illustrator.


Reply to @mrspanda: good advice thanks!