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A little help would be appreciated!

Hey guys,

Its been over a month that my gig has been active but so far there have been 0(zero) orders, which is quite depressing(i think). Could you guys be kind enough and help me out here in figuring out on what am I missing out from making that first sale.??

Here’s a link to my GIG.

Any and all suggestions are welcome,
Hoping to hear from you soon.

Free demos are never a good idea

1st line of your description has a typo “deliverig” should be “delivering” - not great for a data entry gig.

2nd line: “of importance” should be “important”.

3rd line: time frame doesn’t have a hyphen.

Don’t give your real name - I think that’s against TOS

Premium package: “+Pivot Table” should be “+ Pivot Table” - note the space

That’s enough to be going on with …

@coerdelion Thank you very much, I really appreciate the help.

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