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A little list on where to advertise your gigs

Hello every one am here again with you to share with you a trick through you can advertise your gigs:

1> Fiverr Forum [?]
2> Fiverr Collections [?]
3> Personal Website/Blog
4> Any SEO Rich Website [for backlink/seo – preferably in Alexa’s top 500]
Search Engines [?]
Top 3 Search Engines

Yahoo / Bing [Y! + Bing Merged]
Why Fiverr Forum?

A lot of sellers/buyers on it daily
New Fiverr feature
“HOT” at the moment
Why Fiverr Collections?

Extra exposure
Semi-New Fiverr feature
Similar Gigs as yours

If you’ve had experiences advertising your gigs, and had success, post the tip here! Thanks you …

I doubt on the Fiverr forum part.

Rest, In my point of view, only point #3 is valid. Rest are… Ugh. You might guess what I meant.

it all your point of view but in my point of view these are really gud tips to increase your sells … thanks for your comment