A little (manic) Monday story:


Backstory: Buyer purchases come written work his business several days ago. My first message stated I needed the required information that was stated in my prompt message. No response after several 3-4 days. Went to check on the order again today, no reply. However, I seen the buyer was online only 4 mins prior. Then I send a second messaged stating: "It seems despite you being online 4 mins you have failed to respond to my message, or make the appropriate corrections. Please note I do not complete any work till I hear back from you, thank you!"

Buyers reply: "Just make up the info."

You’ve got to be kidding right? We all know how that would actually turn out… :-w

On a positive note, I hope everyones having a good and productive Monday! :slight_smile:


Mondays always seem to be that day…


Reply to @bachas85: The order with the buyer is still open, and there are several days left thankfully. You know how that would actually go though, one would make up the information like they stated, they’d receive the delivery and either reject it or threaten to leave negative feedback all together. No way this would actually end well even if granted permission. Lol.

Would this even hold up if was taken to CS after delivery was made and their were issues with the buyer? Just out of curiosity. I’d be shocked if this sort of permission actually played out well for a seller when it came fighting feedback, or delivery rejection. I wouldn’t imagine it would, but I am asking because I could be wrong…