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A little peeved


I’m still marinating in the hospital from surgery and half awake from nursing every hour and a half.

Most buyers were pretty nice to me, allowing me to deliver their orders late and Fiverr CS was also more than helpful. They encouraged me to deliver the gigs late, since I couldn’t control the fact I went into early labor, and told me that they will cancel any orders where the buyers refused to work it out with me.

Luckily, I only had that problem with one buyer- he refused to cancel the order, ordered ANOTHER TWO GIGS, on top of that, refused to answer my inboxes, and on top of that, he didn’t supply the necessary information I needed to do the gig anyway. I know he’s been reading my inboxes because he declined my mutual cancellation.

I’ve tried to communicate the best I can. I have been accessing Fiverr through my cell phone whenever the baby is asleep (most of the time!) and posted up on my gig that I will be away until the 27th, due to being in the hospital and delivering a baby. I managed to get my laptop into the hospital, though the light bothers the baby and I can’t exactly do Tarot readings on my lap in a hospital bed.

Then I have two people today telling me that I should give them a free extra reading since I am late on delivery. I try to look at it from a compassionate point of view, but honestly, that is so selfish. I was already planning on doing a free extra something for all the late gigs and I am in the process of putting them together so it is ready for when I go back to work, but I really am annoyed that people are asking for freebies.

That’s just my rant… I came down with terrible insomnia and I’m on the internet to stay awake. I keep thinking my baby is going to hurt himself (he somehow can turn himself already!!) because he keeps rolling in his sleep and once smacked his little head against the side of his warming bed so I’ve been refusing to fall asleep. My poor husband has been trying his hardest to stay awake but he finally passed out.


Being a brand-new mom is hard, MrsP. Your hormones are wild with worry (the baby will be fine!), you are all wound up and everything seems overwhelming. Make any Fiverr jerks the very LAST priority … do what you can, cancel the rest. To heck with them if they haven’t a single ounce of compassion or empathy for a new mom, still recovering!

hugs PS: Baby Panda is ADORABLE. beeps his little nose


Thank you!! OH. I need to send you pictures of the sweater, booties, and blanket I knitted for him whenever I get home!! :smiley: He is a perfect 50-50 mix of my husband and me!!

Yeah, I guess I am wound up. My husband woke me up today in the dark and I punched him in the fact because I thought he was some random person trying to take my baby… And I have nothing to do here except read my kindle and answer messages on Fiverr… T_T I actually wrote out a whole plan on how I am going to ‘remodel’ my gig.


Reply to @mrspanda: When my baby was a week old I was taking him out for a walk and someone threw a water bottle from a distance into a garbage pail, which sailed over the open carriage. The only reason I didn’t kill him with my bare hands was because I would have had to leave the baby carriage alone while I strangled him. LOL! Yeah, I wasn’t in my right mind for about three months. It’s normal.

Edit: And definitely send me pictures! Can’t wait to see.


Just something to say here, if they leave negative feedback after you don’t give them something for ‘free’ then it will be removed :wink: customer service are nice like that! Happened to me a number of times. In short, if you are late, customers can’t ask for something extra as this is against the ToS! :smiley:

Congratulations on your baby!


Aww, I’m sorry to hear you’re having such a hard time with some customers. It really is selfish of them - for the record, I wouldn’t want anything free from you and would completely understand the delay; it really irks me when others don’t show the same compassion that they would like to be treated with. I’m glad to hear CS are being understanding and helping where possible.

I can’t remember what I did with my gigs. I ended up taking them offline around the time I was due but didn’t really have a contingency plan if I went into labour early. I’d decided that my little monkey was going to be late anyway (and she was by two weeks!) but think I took them offline when I started struggling with complications for the last month or so. I’m thankful that I didn’t have issues with buyers; I don’t think I’d have been able to respond with compassion though so kudos to you.

As for the insomnia, I know what you mean. I was told to sleep when baby sleeps but I just couldn’t. I was always worried that something would happen. It took a few months for me to get back into sleeping (and then the little monkey would decide she liked waking up in the middle of the night). I had to be in hospital for a week after having my baby and didn’t have much to keep me entertained, except crossword puzzles and a notebook that I could write stories in. I didn’t have my laptop; my husband wanted me to take a complete break and didn’t want me to be tempted.

Enjoy this time and he is so adorable.


Thank you!!

I decided to go to bed… Haha. I got discharged!! My husband says that I would sit up, nurse him, and black out for a minute, then wake up. I’ve also been hallucinating weird cartoon animals… I got some rest finally. I feel 100x better.

I had 1 buyer just cancel on me without warning. Now I’m at 99%… When I asked why she didn’t want a mutual cancellation she said “oh you can message me about cancellations but you can’t deliver my gig? Lol thought you weren’t feeling well!” I explained to her I had my inbox attached to my email, which instantly notifies me of messages on Fiverr through an app. This way I stay connected to my buyers and she was one of the only people that didn’t bother to write me back to figure out a solution, one of two people that didn’t, out of 30!! She hasn’t responded to me since that message, either, and customer support wanted me to wait a full 24 hours before they took action. I can wait.

Ryan, thank you for the information. I didn’t know that, but I guess you would, with the number of people that demands free gifts from you :frowning:

Aingham69, I had everything planned for my scheduled c section… Didn’t even think twice about the date. He wanted to come a week early. I quickly messaged ALL my buyers and let them know the situation and 9/10 of them were like GO GIVE BIRTH STOP WORRYING ABOUT MY ORDER. I am so glad for they. I then extended my time to 29 days and wrote why it will be extended. My husband and I got into a routine. The baby usually wakes himself every 2 hours naturally so we change his diaper to wake him up and then nurse him for the next 30 mins (usually how long he takes) and then falls asleep. This is the first time we’ve gotten to sleep at the same time!!

I decided, after a good nap and clear thinking, my buyers that ordered pre delivery DESERVE something for being so patient and being so nice to me. They could’ve been just as mean as cancellation lady and order an extra gig on top of what I couldn’t deliver on time. I am not going to give a free reading cause I won’t have time, but I will definitely give them a double reading on their gig-- one with tarot, as usual, and give them further guidance using an Oracle.


Yeah I don’t think they will. All the ones looking to knock my rating down did so already :frowning: I am going to give them a second reading about their issues with my oracle cards which give a different perspective than the tarot. I dont offer this as a gig extra at all, just something nice and personal for my patient buyers :slight_smile:

Thanks. Yeah My mother and in laws are going nuts over him. He has the cutesy big ol eyes