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A little red flag or two

Hi guys - just a quick rant! I’ve got this buyer…

He bought my creative blog gig and sent me the script for a ‘sex in the city’ type of blog. He told me I could change ‘anything’ and ‘everything’ just as long as it was fun and catchy.

So, I had fun with it and sent him my version. He did not like it, which is fair; I am not claiming to be the ultimate guru. He asked me to rewrite - after stating there were some things he liked, and some he didn’t. I asked for clarification - it would be stupid to change the things he loved, wouldn’t it?

No, he said, he can’t give me specifics, but I am on the right path. I should stick as close as his original version as I could. Oh, and could I shorten the whole piece with about 300 words? (His original version was just over 1000 words.)

So, I rewrote the piece - it took me about an hour. I offered one revision, so I figured this was it. I sent him two versions, the shortened one, and a 1,000 word one.

BAM! He hit the modification button again - claiming:

‘I don’t like it. What can we do?’

May I remind you that I stuck to his own ideas, his own words - only bettered it?
That ‘What can we do?’ raises a red flag for me. It sounds like someone wants me to suggest a cancellation.

So, I wrote him a very polite note, outlining the whole process and what I’ve done for him thus far. I reminded him that he declined to tell me what he liked about the piece in the first place (another red flag?). I suggested what we should ‘do’ is that he can highlight what he likes in the piece, and I will give another revision.

BAM! Revision button! “I will send you a detailed report.”

Now, I am seriously irked. So, I must wait here in limbo with no instructions for the ‘report?’

So, I canvassed this forum, read some helpful threads from 2016, and wrote him another polite note - telling him that he is abusing the system and me by pressing the modification button without any instructions.

I don’t want to confront him directly as a scammer, but I think he wants the job done for free, and he is quite cunning going about it. Is it just me, or what do you think? @thatwordchick



I agree that he is abusing you and the system. Never should a buyer use the revision button without some detailed instructions about what they want changed.

He wants a refund would be my guess.

I would re deliver it and tell him you need detailed instructions of what he wants changed or stop using the revision button.


Hi. I had a similar experience last summer when a new client repeatedly asked me to modify my work as they weren’t happy about it, then asked for a refund after receiving four hours of work from me, and then left the only negative feedback I have ever had in 7 years on Fiverr! I went to Fiverr support and I must say they were excellent. This is why >>> in my experience, so long as you are able to demonstrate a clear, fair and polite line of communication with your buyer, then Fiverr support can see who is in the wrong and who is in the right. In my case I had clearly explained to the buyer that what I had delivered had matched the gig description they bought, and I invited them to contact Fiverr support themselves - so Fiverr could see the ‘before’ and ‘after’ versions of the work (I’m a proofreader). Fiverr not only refused the refund but removed the negative feedback as they could see the client was in the wrong at every step of the way. I hope my little story gives you some hope. Keep your communication clear, polite and factual - and then turn to Fiverr support.


That’s a very inspiring bit of news! It’s also not usually the case as far as I know. Congratulations on proving your case!

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Wow, it is inspiring. Thanks. I will definitely do this, as soon as it pans out a little bit more.

Hey @helenabester! For clients like these, to be honest, I usually just cut my losses. You look at the time you’ve already put in on the piece and consider that this appears to be the way he operates - even if it’s what it appears at face value (maybe someone new to the system, doesn’t understand it yet, etc), he’s one of those dreaded “ESP” clients…the ones that expect you to be a mind reader. Whenever I cut one of these loose, I try not to burn bridges in text but immediately block them afterwards. I also include a tactful nod in my last note to them, something along the lines of, “I’m very sorry this didn’t work out for you. Thankfully, I have another client looking for this type of writing and he’s going to be buying it from me and publishing it on his own blog, so you don’t need to worry about sticking me with unpaid work!”

I’ll also slap a Google alert on several lines in my piece and nail his a** to the wall with a DMCA takedown notice and an email to his hosting provider if he tries to use it unpaid after cancellation.


Nicely done, although based on my experience I really would advise going through Fiverr support in the first instance. It’s got to be worth giving it a go - as you’ve nothing to lose, and everything to gain if Fiverr remove any negative feedback from such a nightmare client. And believe me, those nightmares who want a freebie will leave negative feedback just to stick the knife in. It’s in their DNA to do so!

While losing money is a little annoying, the threat to my 100% positive rating from several hundred jobs over the years is worth fighting for. That one idiot client could potentially put off several potential new clients for weeks if not months to come. Yes, you’d like to think that most sane people will read between the lines and work out it was just ‘one of those things’… but in this fast paced world world people react to feedback ratings - it’s not worth chancing it. Fight for your feedback! But everything you’ve said I fully agree with. Just sharing my point of view :slight_smile:


Phew! You’ve learnt a lot since we last spoke! I like your attitude!

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I have found I’ve had to get a slightly thicker skin here. :slight_smile: Clients will constantly try to push your boundaries and ask for a discount from the very first order; if you relent, getting what you’re actually worth is going to be virtually impossible in the future.

If someone “hates” my work so much, I’m not going to force them to buy it - I’m happy to cancel. It’s fine, someone else will like it, probably for more money, and insulting and belittling someone’s work isn’t a haggling tactic, it’s being an ahole, and I don’t work for aholes :-p

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If someone requests an undefined revision you are entitled to redeliver it as it was saying that revisions can only be requested with an actual stated reason, not “I don’t like it”.
This stops it from ending up being an endless revision.


Great idea, I’ll keep that in mind.