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A little request for the moderators


Dear moderators,

Lately I see that you decide to lock a topic when the question has been answered. I guess in most cases you do this because from the moment where the question has been answered, everything goes off-topic with the usual casualties. Just kidding about casualties.

My question is: wouldn’t it be a good idea in order to keep the forum more readable to lock the daily stream of “How to sell my gig” posts right away. Maybe with a closing comment like “This question has been answered in another thread”?

It doesn’t only make the forum more diverse and more convenient to read, it would also save a lot of energy for those who are eager to help and are ignored by the OP’s. There are a lot of genuine nice people here who give the most in-depth tips in some of these topics, just to learn that OP doesn’t want an answer, or better said, wants an answer that fits their attitude.

Have a great day ahead everybody :slight_smile:


In my opinion, that is not a bad idea when time permits. Speaking for myself, I don’t have time to read them all so I don’t know if I’d catch enough of them to act on it regularly. The “question” posts that we try to lock most quickly are those in “FAQ” since the old forum auto-closed them when they were marked as answered. We tried to continue that trend, though even then I’m sure we miss a lot.

Thanks for the suggestion!


Are you suggesting that all of us should be more threatening when answering questions? If so, that might help slow them down. :wink: (J/K)


Hahaha, thanks for pointing that out. Corrected it.


There would als be less “heat” in the forum.

I nearly added some sarcasm to the topic from the guy who met a girl via a fortune teller and everything ended with the police involved. Every time when I think I’ve read it all, some new hilarious stuff appears.


That makes me laugh to think of it. His take on the whole thing was that fiverr fortune tellers must be scammers.


Never a dull moment, Mario, never a dull moment. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yep, that was a new level for me too…


Hahaha, I imagined how he tried to urge the girl to love him because the fortune teller told him she would and then, after a short period of taking her hostage, being flattened by a Squad team, lol.
Oh my gosh, this was too much.


This all would get us flagged, lol. Now I’m the only one. Therefore I decide more often to say nothing at all.:rofl: