A little something extra


I used to just zip the finished files in a folder and send them along, but tonight I think I came up with a clever little something “extra” file to include, what do you all think?


I think im bored!


Last one I will share!


Dude…I don’t know what to say but, the first one impressed me, and the other two gave me a good laugh. Either way, thumbs up buddy!


Great idea (especially the first one), and very professional. Thanks for sharing Jeffrey!


What do you suggest for video products. I tried to add small and almost unseen watermark in corner, but the customer noticed it and he was a little disappointed.

Actually it bothers me, because I have so little chances for promoting works… while making a $500 worth product for just $5 and not getting any promotion or feedback is concerning.


Reply to @bafana: Maybe mention in your post that the gig comes with a watermark in the corner, and for _ extra it will be removed?


Doesn’t that negate your live portfolio, sending these in a zip file?


Reply to @crcanny: No, I zip the finished files so they can be downloaded in one file and also attach a .jpg file, and that .jpg is what is used for the portfolio.


This is a great idea, just one suggestions:

Why not deliver this image via Fiverr’s upload function? Aslong as you do not select it for Live Portfolio (or have LP turned off), it will show on the completed message. Just resize it to 600x370 - I think users would be more inclined to read it here.

Take a look at the attachment as an example :slight_smile:


Reply to @twistedweb123: That would be a good idea if you dont want your live portfolio, sure, but I find alot of value in having real projects on my gig page. The other reason I include my completed graphic in the .zip is because then they always have my “calling card”, and its seen by any print shop that the customer sends the zip to – which can result in maybe the print shop looking me up on fiverr and going through me aswell…


Even if you use live portfolio, you can still upload the image along with your deliverable image - you just make sure to check the correct image for live portfolio. Users would then be able to click between the two on the screen, but only leave feedback for the image you selected.

You could still attach the photo in your zip as well :slight_smile:


Reply to @twistedweb123: ah ha! that sounds better.