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A little Strange?

I updated my gig today and noticed it disappeared from search.
Few minutes later, I got a message and order from that same gig.
How’s that possible?
Will my gig be back on search?

If you got an order already then it’s possible someone found it by searching it, unless they had it bookmarked or it was a returning client.

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Where you see your gig is not where other people see it. I don’t know how that happens but everyone sees the gigs differently.

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May be He/She has bookmarked/loved it earlier.

Might be true. But I’m sure that’s a little unlikely. It was too coincidental. However, I’m still not seeing my gig in search.

I’m not sure which gig you are referring to, however i did notice on your short story gig there’s a “power by…” watermark on your photo. I don’t think that is allowed. Also you have a level 2 badge on your photo as well which i believe is not allowed also.

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Apart from the Level Two seller’s badge. I created those banners myself. I didn’t want a situation where I would have to deal with copyrighted images and all those issues that could lead to my gig being denied.

I have been using those banners with all the watermarks and I have never had any issue. I think it will be resolved and if not, I’ll have to create a new banner.