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A little User Research

Hi Everyone.

We’re looking for about 10 people to join us in a Product/Community/User Icebreaker, focusing on how you use Fiverr.

You should be a buyer AND seller on Fiverr, and be available for about ~30 min on Monday, July 20th at 7am PDT/10am EDT/2pm GMT

If you are all of these things and want to participate in a Product Feedback session, please sign up here:

I will contact you by week’s end by email if you’re chosen to participate. If this goes well there will be other opportunities to join.



Yes, I will also be a part of this and active in participating. So, for what it’s worth… there a chance to video chat with me too!


I know it’s voluntary and it may actually be cool to help and shape a product we use on a daily basis, but as a freelancer working on a freelancer platform it doesn’t sit well with me that Fiverr wouldn’t offer to pay for people’s time.

Taken from a platform that facilitates to schedule and pay for expert advice over the phone

“Rates vary, of course, but the average 30 min call works out to about $50, which is approx. $1.60 per minute. Set your own rate accordingly.”

So using this average we’d only be talking about $500 to engage 10 users for 30 minutes of their time each, and that’s peanuts for a company this size.

A suggestion would be to credit participant’s accounts so they can use it on Fiverr. The money still stays on the platform while offering them a compensation for their time.

I don’t have a problem doing certain activities for free, or with people that decide to do it as the way I see it can actually be a nice experience, but it does bother me Fiverr wouldn’t be more proactive about offering a monetary compensation considering the business they are in.

With that being said I do hope it works out well and it somehow help everyone experience on the website better.


I agree 100%. Most of the time when we do larger scale user testing and feedback sessions we include compensation.

On the other side, we want to try to engage the internal employees who don’t always interact with community members and encourage them to have active relationships with the seller & buyer communities. This is one of the smaller events we’re hosting to start building those bonds. If both groups find value in this activity, then we’d like to continue and evolve the program that would begin to include compensation.


That would be a great opportunity for 10 people


I am interested. And also complete the form for join with you.


Sellers: I want Fiverr to pay attention to what we say and listen to our suggestions
Fiverr: We want to hear feedback from 10 Buyers and Sellers directly to staff
Sellers: Pay me

I get the sentiment of paying for time but in some instances I don’t think it really would be warranted. This is one of them for me. If there was to be extensive follow up then sure, some compensation but this is essentially an opportunity for people to say to staff what we usually spend hours discussing on the forum.


This is so much important. Asking for money in return of this (feedback) is just ridiculous. I am so much happy after seeing this post, that they are taking some steps to connect with sellers and buyers directly.

This step is very much appreciated.


I kind of wish there would be an extensive poll that was accessible to all members across the plattform as well as chosing 10 members to see if the feedback of the 10 is represented by the majority.


I am ready to participate


I’m brand new here, but if I can be useful, I’ll be available


I don’t think that’s an entirely fair assessment of my message. I never actually said anything of the like that unless they would pay then I wouldn’t take part, as I said: I wouldn’t mind doing it for free myself, I don’t mind/judge other people that would do it for free, but I do mind Fiverr, a freelancer platform, not offering a compensation for people’s time.

Also the message I originally commented on didn’t have as much information, and I’m glad to know Fiverr does actually pay for “larger scale user testing and feedback sessions”

Ps: I do understand where you’re coming from though, but I think my point still stands


I’ll admit a bit of confusion, by ‘Icebreaker’, I thought you meant a type of meet-and-greet, but based on your reply, it’s more a feedback session?


Icebreaker is a platform we use to do these “meetings” Its a way to get conversations going an meet others from specific groups.

It’s worked well for us to host these small/medium sized meetings.


Oh. Okay, that makes more sense. Thank you for answering my (in hindsight) rather silly question.

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I’m interested . . . :blush:

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this is awesome… let’s get down to it and maybe some of the challenges that sellers faced on the platform would be discussed as well as worked upon.

@mjensen415 do take note of this as it might be the next BIG shift happening to fiverr

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I am Interest and i am already form fill-up.
Thank you.


I am intrested in it and i already fill-up form. please tell me something about this