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A little worried we just violated the TOS


My wife just started selling on here, and got her first order. She had never purchased anything, and was a little confused about the procedure and, in her words, came across like she didn’t really know what she was doing.

Last night she got a couple of orders, and to avoid messing them up, we decided to do a dummy transaction between us so she could see both sides of it and make sure she wasn’t doing anything that looked “off” to the buyer. So we chatted back and forth, I paid $5, fiverr took its cut, and she got the rest. No problem, right?

Well, maybe a problem. We share a checking account, so we share a paypal account.

I’ve only made one other purchase here, so I just made a request to cancel my account, and if I need to buy any gigs in the future I’ll just have her do it from her seller account. But we’re a little concerned that somewhere down the line her account will be suspended for a TOS violation. Does anyone have any experience with this/know whether it’s going to be an issue?


The TOS says that each account should be linked to a different paypal account. But if the other account does not have revenue on it, then you can’t link it to an account afaik, so you’re not violating any terms with it.

Not sure about ordering a relative’s gig though. Especially with same paypal address. Would seem feedback tempering. But if you don’t post a review for it, I don’t see the issue.