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A logo for 5$? Is this a joke?

Maybe there’s something I don’t understand here, but I’m a professionnal designer and there’s just NO WAY I will design a logo for less than 500$… What about 5$??

Even if I put no time into thinking and researching (which anybody designing a logo should do…) I don’t think I could create a decent logo for less than 3 hours of work. So unless you guys are super-illustrator-machinelike-fast-logo-creator, then you evaluate 3 (or more) hours of work to about 5$???

This is juste NONSENSE!!! You guys are making designers’ time, skills and experience worth NOTHING! There’s no word to describe what I think of this, it’s so incredibly wrong.

From my point of view, you guys just make Fiverr more profitable on the back of all true professionals. Any other point of view to make me see some light in that poor situation?

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If we’re brutally honest, very few $5 logos are good on here. Many are just Clip Art pics with text. underneath. But, they do a job. If you have a small site, don’t want to spend much cash, that’s all you need.

Sometimes you find a very talented designer, but they’re usually crazily busy after a while and up their prices to more than five bucks. Those who want real professional quality understand they have to pay. For those that don’t have the money: hey, fiverr has a few decent options to get you started.

most logos are made by software, this is why i dont offer this kind of service because i dont think i could create a decent logo for $5, to create one good logo from scratch takes time and effort. Sketches , ideas , then give early sketches to the buyer to see the ones he/she likes and then move on etc.

Great isn’t it I love how the internet has made professionals all over able to earn cash. Say for example your in India or Korea that $10 for two job is basically a five day wage at minimum wage so they do five jobs a week they then get to spend three more days off a week as I’m sure any good logo designer such as yourself could complete five jobs in two days. But this is the great bit the buyer and the seller both win on fiver not just YOU! Websites and only buisnesses are so popular if your work is worth $500 a go for something my sister could probably do with a half decent app on her ipad then I’m sure you will keep getting work. Otherwise if you don’t offer something out of the ordinary I suggest you suck if up and go get a different degree in another field because you probably will not be able to sustain yourself and your lifestyle with what your doing in the western world anymore (I’m assuming your in the western world). Not digging at you I feel for you, you probably worked very hard to learn to do what you do and are very passionate about art but this is how it is… Industries and sectors value change through supply and demand business 101… Good luck in your new career :slight_smile: and merry xmas

Reply to @iaak1983: I disagree. In the actual market, where people understand value of good logo for their big company and intend to use it for years or decades, they will never just pay 5 bucks because the quality is considerably low. It doesn’t work as it should, although visually it can be nice graphic, it doesn’t serve the purpose.

And there IS a huge difference.

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You don´t design a logo for less than 500$… good luck in your professional life… and good luck hunting dupes…

I really like this kind of comments… “I am a professional graphic designer”… me too!!, I am a professional one and I like to work for 5$, even I work free sometimes… because my work has to be affordable for everyone… not so much people can afford your “no less than 500 dolars” work and they also deserve a good graphic design work…

What the hell you think you are to make a only 1 work for almost the same wage as the minimun wage in my country? (I am spanish, so I am not for India or other countries that you always use to attack “low-cost” graphic designers)… you said that I can´t work for 5$, my oppinion is that 99% of the design works I see everyday (even those that are selled for more than 500$) don´t worth that…

I really suggest you to read this:

I work everyday for those who never think they can afford a professional graphic designer… I work everyday trying to finish elitism like yours, people that think they are over the rest.

Best regards and good luck with your 500$ logo designs.

Reply to @joethorn:

Hi Joe, your gigs are in the same position as mine…

Every “professional” reporter says that they will never work for 5$… it´one of the main complaint inside “professionals” about people that works doing blog posts for 5$ or even less than that…

Do you think you are less proffesional than another reporter?, do you think that you made a worth job?

I can use the same argument than you… very few of the blog post that cost 5$ should be good enough… there are people that earn much more only doing a column using less than 300 words…

So, those who want really professionals know they have to pay… for those that don´t have money, hire a writer here is a decent option. (This is your argument, not mine).

Like we always said in Spain, you see the straw in your brother’s eye and not the rafter in your own… Sure you don´t like that other people question your professionality.


Reply to @calcomedia:

Yeah, it’s not nice to question a persons professionalism. I didn’t mean to do that with my post. The keyword in it was ‘very few.’ There are some designers who more than exceed the price tag.

As for my work, is the quality of a $5 article the same as the type I write when I get paid $150? No, it’s not unfortunately. It’s still very good, but I just can’t add the bells and whistles to an article to make it exceptional, for just $5. I have to eat, drink, put my heating on. That all costs far more than $5 every 3 hours.

For many jobs, I just can’t take them on for less than $50. I even receive that fee on Fiverr from clients who know the reality of the situation.

If you can provide great work for $5, then you’ll be very successful here, my friend. It’s not impossible, it just takes a lot of passion, which I can tell you have. Good luck.

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i will provide an logo for 5$ a professional logo thou its costs high but i will do that. i need money its very urgent please order on my gig

Reply to @calcomedia: yeah i agree 5$ is enough because we have to take care of the budget of the buyer who are buying our gig

Reply to @joethorn:


I have messages from people all the time wondering if I can write an entire 60k novel for $150. I price my gig so I can be affordable to most people, because I understand being on a tight budget. At the same time, I want to be fairly compensated for my labor. And honestly, the time investment in a 60k novel for $150 just wouldn’t cut it for me. Money comes and goes. Time is lost forever. Artists have to eat too.

The main point though is the cost of living is the biggest factor. When I started on Fiverr, I offered the store for just five bucks, because I wanted people to see what I could do. So, when people say that you can’t get value for $5.00. It’s not always true. It really just depends on each seller individually.

Just to give my input on this - $500 for a logo is silly.

I’ve been in the design industry for around 20 years now, and I’ve always had an issue with what designers charge - it is downright scandalous, and that was way back when computers didn’t really help us out as much as they do today! :slight_smile:

Buyers are looking toward Fiverr, and other like minded places, for decent artwork at a rock bottom price. That is the evolution of the buyer/design seller relationship.

The best thing you can do is be smart about it. I offer a select few services on here, including logo design, that I am happy to accept $5 (which usually ends up as an average of $11) for a rather short amount of my time.

Therefore, I suggest it is up to the designer to offer the correct services on these platforms, whilst earning the optimum amount of money.

I earn $2000 a month here, which is a nice income on top of what I offer outside of Fiverr.

I suggest you try and do the same - find the right balance.



Thank you all for your comments, it’s very enlightening!

Actually my post didn’t mean to say that designers who do a logo for 5$ are any less “professional” than myself so sorry if I sounded that way. In fact, I was amazed by the quality of many “5$” logos out there…

I never truly thought about the reality in other parts of the world. You know, I’m from Canada and here the minimum legal wage is about 10$ an hour. In here, people working at 10$ an hour can’t hope for much, it’s just not enough for decent living. I guess 10$ an hour is probably a lot in other countries. But in my reality working more than 20 minutes for 5$ is just not worth it. And as “professional” as I may be, I need much more than 20 minutes to do a good logo.

I guess it’s the good and bad of connecting the whole world through the Internet! Sometimes we, in the Western world" are the loosers, and it’s probably fair enough.

It’s nice to read such a great discussion here.

Reality of Fiverr logo artists is to help small entrepreneurs with tight budgets who just start their businesses. So they will buy logo for 5-10$. I doubt that big players like Apple or Microsoft will ever come here to buy a logo :slight_smile: . They will hire big design studios with many professionals that will brainstorm about branding and logo for a few months. They have all resources of the world and they can do it.

But, maybe, just maybe, some of these professionals will come here and hire some of Fiverr artist to get ideas of logo, why not?

Like we say in my country: rider and horse are smarter than rider itself. It is always good to see how other people think about and see something. Places like Fiverr give us this opportunity, to interact with people from all over the world to get ideas, from logos to articles…

@petitchemin: And I won’t call Western World losers. West through whole history of the time know how to get best ideas from other sides of the world, compile it, package it and than sell it to that other sides of the world again. These days globalization just improve this method we see long, long ago :wink:

" NO WAY I will design a logo for less than $500."

My best friend is a graphic designer in the real world, when he makes $500 is after deliver SEVERAL logos, as many as 50, with lots of back and forth and client drama.

Here 100 orders means $400 WITHOUT the gig extras. Ever heard of volume? Fiverr gives you the opportunity to make lots of money. My biggest order was $90, and even without the gig extra, 200 orders is $800. They’re orders that take me 5 to 15 minutes to accomplish.

As for you needing more than 20 minute to do a great logo, that’s your problem. Some artists will do something fast in 5 minutes and then charge $10-$20 to put more time in the design.

This month I’ve made $1,000, in fact, every month I make between $500 and $700, doing things that are extremely easy for me. And that’s the #1 secret of Fiverr, do something that’s easy for you, something you enjoy. I could make a lot more money writing blog content, but I don’t enjoy that so I don’t do it.

I paid for two logos on fiverr.

The first I paid $20 with a 7 day turnaround.

The second I paid $5 with no extras.

The first logo we actually ended up using but we had to have a graphic designer redo in vector because the guy sent us a PNG which we couldn’t work with ultimately.

The $5 logo was terrible, it was literally a person playing with fonts in Microsoft word and trying to pass it off as a logo. When I asked for a revision and gave her even an example of a previous logo we were working off of, she sent me back a few color changes/font types. Pretty much no effort was made to deliver anything even close to quality.

Fiverr is a mixed bag, it seems like there are a lot of “top sellers” that don’t deserve their status and several that go above and beyond.

You get what you pay for but $500 for a logo is ludicrous, our graphic designer did all of our promotional materials, vector logos/UI’s, and more for half of that.

I do know that I am a bit more wary of Fiverr based on the 11 orders I’ve placed.

2/11 were terrible, one of them is a top seller in his category.

3/11 were mediocre and while they technically delivered their results were questionable

5/11 are still waiting to be fulfilled with target dates of tomorrow-Oct 5th

1/11 I was happy with completely.

Out of the 5 that are still pending two looks like they’ll be scams, and 3 of them look like they’ll deliver.

4/11 positive fiverr experiences over a range of different types of purchases leaves me questioning how much vetting is done to ensure the top sellers are really top sellers…

One of my biggest gripes is the fact that if you agree to a cancellation your negative review of them gets removed, which IMO means that top sellers can stay top sellers even if their work is below par.

Just my opinions based on my experience buying on Fiverr.

petitchemin, as a designer you are an artist too, therefore your feelings that you ‘sell your artistic concepts really cheap’ with just 5 box is reasonable.

You can always design some pre-made logo themes for 5 dollars and give the option to buyers for a custom made work at a higher price using the gig extras.

Obvisouly i wouldn’t recommend to ask for 500 box, cause this evaluation of 500 dollars / 3-4 hours of work is just inaccurate mate and won’t bring you any business at all.

Be realistic, if you ask this amount of money for logo design, how much would you charge for web development?

I don’t know much about logo costs. I do agree with the original poster in that $5 for art of any decent quality is outrageously below average costs.

Advice on general business practice is that while everyone enjoys a good deal, most professionals looking to make a purchase for their business would probably be turned off by a seller who offered “the best logo ever” for $5. Why? Because if it sounds to good to be true, it always is and also because a true and accomplished professional wants to work with other true and accomplished professionals. The fact is that someone who is truly excellent and has the proof to back it up, wouldn’t short change themselves for a $4 profit. If you value yourself at $4 then so will everyone else and I don’t know about other countries but $4 is not very valuable in the US.

Having said that, I think everyone needs to offer something for $5 if your are working on this site. The difference is what you are willing to offer for that price. How you answer that says a lot about you and the value of your work.

Side note, I don’t think those of us that do not live in third world countries need to be reprimanded for valuing money differently than those in poorer countries. The cost of living in your country isn’t the purpose of this post. If you don’t relate to what the original poster is talking about because in your country $5 is a lot of money then simmer down and realize that this conversation doesn’t apply to what you are experiencing. No one is asking for a lesson on the state of International affairs.

im sorry but this breaks down to people not doing their research on fiverr your all talking like blooming companies like nokia or nike for example are on here getting their ad campaigns together. if you work is worth $500 bucks for a logo then im questioning as to what your even doing on here rather than sitting at a office desk job ina big advertising firm or something otherwise realise this here my dear friends is fiverr and me if i were to have a logo done it would be for my crappy youtube channel with 11 suscribers and dash cam vids of me driving aswell some really neat vids of my dog charlie chasing a laser pen around on the bed so yeah i guess that one day i will turn a total lifetime profit of more than ten bucks on my monetisation of my vids and maybe ten years after that i will make enought cash to maybe encourage google adsence to actually cut me a check so yeah $5 for a logo suits me. those of you wanting to get paid big bucks your clients are not here you need to reaserch the buisness your in and see if you can actually find a place that wants and needs you at the price your asking otherwise suck it up and get creating blog art for 12 yearolds wanting to write about their pet snake or avatars for people to use on their forums etc… because that is what fiverr is for small jobs for small amount of cash mostly 24hours turn around no real pitch or presentation or even the chance your work may be disliked just something simple quick original and unique for you. FOR $5. as i posted up the top i hope to now be the one posting at the bottom coz if you dont like fiver then your not a very good designer im sorry to say as you could probably do 500gigs a month on here with a good portfolio but then again what would pay for you payper view and the two cars that are most likely sitting parked up 75% of the time. this is a great comunity that providies a product at a affordable cost to those who would have not had it available. i myself have been inspired by this site to grow with my buisness activity online due to the sudden avalibility of things i didnt know i could afford before. im browsing this site smiling with delight at the prospect that i may see alot of my project come to live due to the fact that i can now afford to get them yeah for that reason i stand by what i said $5 for a logo image gif… its a deal its a steal its the sale of the sentury… what else do i need to buy from here :slight_smile:

Reply to @ynneblack: im sorry but what “BIG” companies are we talking about being on fiverr not to tarnish the reputation of the site but can you imagine ea games for example scanning the site for a logo designer. no my friend im here looking for stuff related to a youtube channel that has 11 suscribers im not running around with 150k budget to spend ona ad campaigne where 500 can be simply spent or creating a example poster of what we would like the campaigne to look like let alone the cost of the actual damn thing. i was in a audi fhoto shoot once where the villa rented was costing $15000 a day and we only had acess to the driveway can imagine the drawings and art describing how the vehicle would be positioned on the day of the shoot to the people in the office would have cost $500 but here its all make me a avatar of me in this pic and i have a new blog i need artwork for etc…