A Long Time I am not getting orders, gig impression, click, views are downing


I am not getting any orders for a long time. Will you give me some tips, how can i get orders regularly? I am waiting for tips from experienced sellers.

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Mr. Ariful best of luck


Hi, I’ve also faced this kind of situation. Don’t get frustrated. Stay online as much as possible. Send buyer request daily. If your gigs impression,view,clicks are going down then promote them in social medias & blog sites.
If possible create new gigs based on your expertise. Do promotion of your new gig. And the last suggestion is be patient & do your task properly. Success will find you.

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agree with you @mrk_39


Thanks for your wishing.


@mrk_39 thank you for your suggestion.


best of luck :smiley:


going on with your confidence that’s it.
you will get…


make 10 buyer requests.thnks.


Do gig marketing more and more. share link in social network. It’s really help you most. I did it before and it’s works good.:slight_smile:


I think you should share your gig on social medias. it will boost your gig. and You need to send daily minimum 10 buyer request. if you do this regularly. You will get order from buyer soon.