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A long time i not got a order, How can i improve

I am an experienced in mail marketer.but long time i have not got my 1st order.I know, how to manage an Original mail list.Its very simple just searches targetted country and then scrap and final process is Double opt-ins verified mail lists with a software.I assure you, That won’t be a problem.Then why Can i not get any order? Can you tell me, anybody, how can i improve?

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Dear there are some ways to get your first order, Submit buyer requests properly.

Keep updating your gig.
do market research before making a gig and always try to provide more then from your competitors in start you need to do some effort until you did not start getting organic orders. hope its help. Thanks

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Here is a link that might can help you to improve\

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I hope so its true.thank you Dear

Thats really Helpful.I hope so Its my turning point in my gig marketing.Thank you sir

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Nice to know that.
Please avoid the word “Dear” when you talking with someone unknown.

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I am also waiting for my order.
May be editing gig and buyer request can help.

I also seeking same problem

I know right? So many people call me “Dear” when I request an order from someone on here. That’s an automatic ‘No’ from me.


I cracked this code in another post. It has a lot to do with gravitational pull and the undead… it’s complicated… anyways, all I can say is - be careful of neck bites when dealing with the “dear” tribe.


From other relevant thread: You may have a lot of trouble getting Fiverr to keep your gig up at all. I’ve seen new users repeatedly having their gigs removed by Fiverr with this warning:

“By taking part in selling private contact information, such as phone numbers, email lists, addresses etc., you are promoting spam and potentially participating in illegal activity. Such services are not allowed on our marketplace.”

I can’t say for sure if they are gradually removing all of these gigs, but given how many people have failed with them I wouldn’t want to try to sell mailing lists.


Make more unique gigs to get order.


I’m a prospect buyer in email niche. Your gig is somewhat OFF in my feeling. To me, you are just selling a huge email list for SPAM.

As an e-mail marketer, a double opt-in emails should be SUPER target to MY micro niche. Everyone in the list should at least KNOW MY NAME AND WHO I AM.

If the receivers don’t know me, it’s called SPAM. Period.

My tips: change from SELLING an email list to SENDING emails to your list.If you sure the list is targeted, the results will come.

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Thanks for your kind information

A lot of thanks for your good suggestion.I don’t know much more thing in fiverr.Sorry for my troubling in fiverr.Next time i will try to my best.

I don’t know how was that, but recently i changed my gigs description and much more.Honestly, say to you, i don’t selling SPAM email list.I never think that, selling a SPAM email In my Client.Thank you.

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