A lot more fake ads?


I’ve used fiverr off and on for a few years. Both as a buyer and seller. I’ve been noticing a massive spike of fake sellers over the past while. Maybe I am just super unlucky, but I’ve ran into a number of voice over artists and singers that sound nothing like their ad. They’re all super polite, have cool and interesting ads that hook me in, and bam-- I get back slurred garbage that sounds worse than what I could do, and I have a crappy voice lol. I’m honestly not expecting to hire Meryl Streep or Adele for $5-- I realize my expectations have to be lowered for what I am paying, but it’s brutal when you hire someone to read for you and they sound like they’re drunk, or they can’t read, slurring their speech, or like 4 octaves different. It’s frustrating. I’m really just venting, because I absolutely hate confrontation, and dealing with this stuff sucks. I feel like such a jerk but I hate that these people are trying to like, catfish or scam, or bait and switch. I want to say this though, there are some fantastic sellers here. g**** (though he’s out of my price range now lol), s****, n**** and so many more are class acts, and make fiverr a worthwhile experience. I juat wish there was less fake sellers.

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