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A lot of Clicks but no orders

Hey everyone. Yesterday I posted a gig about proofreading and Today I checked my stats and there are 221 clicks and a lot of impressions plus views but there are zero orders. I would very much like to have a view on my gig/profile by some expert here so that I could get to know about my shortcomings. Even a bit of help will be much appreciated.

I think that expecting orders to roll in a day after you post your gig is a pretty big shortcoming :smile:

Be patient, and also try actually making an effort to sell your gig.


Haha. thanks for response. Yeah I guess I am being impatient. But i didnt get the part " Tryactually making an effort to sell your gig". Please elaborate if u can. Thanks :slight_smile:

I mean i am trying for real if thats what u r talkin about. If there is something else then please tello

I know everyone says this in the forum, but you could try using buyers requests.

The other common one is marketing via social media, although I’ve never tried that personally.

You might also want to take a look at your gig description again. I glanced over it and spotted some typos and sentences that don’t flow so well. If you want to offer proofreading, people will be on the lookout for someone who doesn’t make those kinds of mistakes in their gig.

Gotcha. Will look into it. Thanks

This is just my opinion as a writer who has hired proofreaders on 5r. I like to hire sellers who specify what they are doing:

I will proofread your:

  • Non-Fiction manuscript
  • Blog/Article post
  • Technical/Mechanical
  • etc.

Not all proofreaders are equal. The fact you are an engineer signifies you are probably good at mechanical, technical or engineering terms. It’s probably a small nitch but you can have several gigs, so why don’t you segregate it into the areas of your expertise.

I also recommend you expand on your personal description and provide your expertise there vice in your gig description. Your gig description should be reserved for what that gig will provide, not your background. Take a look at some of the more experienced & successful sellers.

There were a few typos in your gig description. You may want to take another look.

Thats a lot of help riley. Thank you for this. I will implement it in my profile. :slight_smile:

Only try to be in online always
and apply buyer reuquest daily