A lot of emails but no orders



I receive emails quite often and I answer them fast and with the information yet no one ordered my gig yet…

What am I doing wrong?

Ex. email





Hi! It sometimes helps if you include a bit of information with your reply… Like tell them the resolution of the final piece, the duration of the video, the requirements for their video wether you need additional charges for grainy or poorly lit clips. I just learned here that having detailed conversation with customers would bring out what they really like and when you understand what it is you could tell them the level of accuracy that you can deliver and with that the probability of them ordering is increased. I just posted what I do, thanks and good luck :slight_smile:


Make a video to showcase what you have to offer to make it very clear to buyers what they will be getting, :slight_smile:


Also, try to be patient. I got a bunch of orders a while ago, but only 1 order now. If you have a good gig, people will come.


Prob cause they think your bunny is scary


Thanks for the help!


Perhaps add a video, it’s a great way of explaining your services and helps customers feel more confident in purchasing your gig. Also look at competitors, see what type of description and tags they are using. It can take a while to get purchases on a new gig, but be patient and you’ll get there. Good luck :slight_smile: