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A lot of impressed clients learned me something usefull

Hello guys, I wanted to share something with you cause it helped me so much!
A lot of impressed clients learned me something

Always do the one thing you love the most,

Start by small steps and offer a demo or a sample before ordering. This is the way that customers will trust you, cause if you do it only for money, in the beginning, they will not take you seriously.

A small demo can help them understand what are you able to offer them and you will succeed in your mission.

Sometimes i record a sample for the full song cause i love the music, even by doing that i learned some new things about how to work better and better in the next orders.

Always be patient and kind. Never underestimate your work. You worth it cause you spent time

You can check my gig bellow and you can ask me anything :slight_smile: I am here from 2013 so i have seen a lot :smiley:

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