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A lot of people from "COUNTRIES I CANNOT NAME" asking for work?

Is anyone else having a lot of people from “COUNTRIES I CANNOT NAME” asking for work?

I get multiple messages a day starting with “hi” or “hello”

I am now at the point I immediately block them.

Anyone else?



It is against forum rules to name countries as you have done. Suggest you remove the names immediately.


What else am I supposed to say.

The country over there?

Just giving you a heads up before a moderator deals with this.


Well I can’t change it as it is my question.

If I said “people from a country that I cannot name” then that opens it to the whole world.

You could just say “certain countries”… I am sure people who are experiencing the same problem as you will immediately know what you are talking about. :slight_smile: @huester1

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again certain countries opens it up to the whole world.

I am sorry but there is no other option :man_shrugging:


oh well guess I will just leave it as is and let a moderator deal with it.

I think instantly blocking them is the best thing you can do. :+1: I have read several posts in the past in which a few successful sellers (like the OP) have complained about the exact same thing.


Glad you changed that. Now we can discuss it. Here is a note of the forum rules for future reference:


I’m sure that a lot of people know exactly what you mean even without naming the countries, so don’t worry about it.

I used to get those messages (all my gigs are paused now, so they can’t message me and beg for work, yay!), or unsolicited offers to buy a whiteboard animation gig from them and use it as my gig video to increase my sales (coming from sellers with no sales yet). I just politely informed them that they’ve violated the ToS, blocked them and reported them.


Ohhhhh myyyyyy… I could laugh at all these!!! :joy: :laughing:

Now, a little more seriously and going into matter… What @lloydsolutions and @hanshuber16 told you is true and you know, rules are rules and we all must follow :wink:

Same thing for what @catwriter said, we all know what you’re talking about :relaxed:

From my side, only one little observation though.

You say you’re about to immediately block them. Just try to be sure you’ll be blocking correctly as NOT everyone that just says “Hi” or “Hello” as a first message is someone we all know who you’re talking about (I tangled my tongue :flushed: :roll_eyes:)

I have come to the conclusion that these sole “hi”/“hello” messages are due to people messaging by phone and having a bit of a hard time writing through the inbox :smirk:

If a person asks for something even after the other person (in this case, the OP) says “no,” then it is nothing but begging.


The cultures are different in various parts of the world. I try to have patience. I know that life is very hard in some places and but for the mercy of the universe, I could have been born in a place where I was extremely desperate too.

Let it be a wake up call that if you live in a place where you do not have to plead with strangers to try to get a few dollars, you have been blessed. Have patience and understanding.


Alas, if only we could have all been in beautiful Switzerland…


You are indeed psychic… :crystal_ball: You read my thoughts. :switzerland:

Nobody said life is easy…

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Actually, it’s perfectly possible to beg for work/job, and that’s what they did.

I do know a little bit of history, and what was done to many countries is terrible.

I won’t. Not for something I neither want nor need, and have never asked for.

And I don’t appreciate spam. Plus, the phrase I used describes the behavior of certain sellers accurately.

That’s awesome, and I honestly wish you and your people all the best.


It’s a new concept for some that you can offer something where others come to you to buy because you are selling something they want. It’s a new, previously unknown way to get money.

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