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A lot of sellers are overselling themselves

I had a lot of positive experiences on Fiverr with various sellers. However, as of lately I experienced a lot of them inflating their skill sets. I am a designer and developer and I love Fiverr as it allows me to hire help for smaller things when I get too bogged down or need some help. So I know how to spot certain talent to get the job done.

But I did notice that some seller portfolio’s simply do not match their final product when I order as if they took someone elses work to bait customers.

Also some sellers need to stop saying that they can do it all!

I am a very picky customer BUT I will pay for the service, I hardly ever pay the $5 (only if I want to see a mock of your work) and usually always get all of the add-ons.

If you want to succeed on Fiverr, you need to stay realistic to oversell yourself because if the customer gets your final work and don’t like it you will shoot yourself in your foot.

I either give no feedback or I give negative but fair feedback. So don’t be so eager to take on jobs that may be out of your league.

Fair enough yes, i guess some sellers don’t care as long as they get the money.
Offer what you can do, don’t show something you can’t accomplish, that’s bad for you and the fiverr community :slight_smile:

Just had another very bad experience. I just bought a flyer design, portfolio looked decent and had a few very good reviews. Also a plus was that the seller stated they were from the United States with a decently written profile.

However, AFTER I hired this seller I get responses back with very bad broken English and the mock design was just completely horrible like it was done by a kid back in 1996 nothing like anything in their portfolio, I mean I was shocked. I feel like I just got scammed.

Mind you I bought quite a bit on Fiverr and had very good experiences overall but the last 2 were direct jabs at the integrity of Fiverr. I don’t even want them to complete anything else, I just want my money back.

Sorry this happened to you! I always see if I can find a top rated seller with hundreds of rave reviews for just this reason.

Why don’t you either just cancel both of these orders or ask for a revision?

As a bit of moan also, why do you never leave positive feedback? I’m not saying that you should leave positive feedback if you don’t feel fully satisfied with a service, but if all buyers did this, buyers like you have even greater difficulty finding quality sellers.

" positive feedback if you don’t feel fully satisfied with a service, but if all buyers did this, buyers like you have even greater difficulty finding quality sellers…"

That’s a very smart comment! Buyers could help out new buyers a lot that way and of course help out Sellers :smiley:

I am sorry to hear this. Just stick to the sellers you had a wonderful experience working with. I would not even experiment too much with new sellers since you really don’t know what you are buying. Some sellers are paying others to write their gig descriptions if English is not their first language and there is nothing wrong with that. When it comes to design aren’t the results based on taste? You might find their delivered work horrible but others might love it. Anyways best of luck and I hope you can find a couple of great sellers to work with :wink:

I leave excellent feedback for all of my sellers!! I would consider myself as an excellent buyer because I don’t look for the cheapest, I don’t mind giving someone a chance but when you you provide me with something so horrible that it shocked me when I looked at it and it doesn’t match your skill that you advertise that is a seller problem.

I was trying to give new sellers a chance but I got burnt twice! It is a pain because when you cancel, I don’t get my money back from Fiverr and then whatever the cost is, I have to find a gig that matches the exact amount so I can use the money they put in my “account” which I already paid for.

I don’t have a problem with working with someone, I am a designer and developer myself so I know when somebody is simply doesn’t have a skill.

Fiverr makes it hard because quite frankly it is a waste of my time because of all the back and forth. I wasted 2 days which I could have somebody good work on it.

I bought like 18 gigs - 2 cancelled as of today and 1 ok.

Oh well…did it cross your mind to google image search stuffs some designers have at their portfolios? I know sometimes I see people having in their portfolios things from burger or junkie graphics…And I know that coz I sometimes set up free templates too and give them for free or some lil price on net… I would personally never hire someone who wouldn t be able to answer few simple questions about work I need…You said you are a designer as a developer as well, next time as your seller which program they use and why and ask them to suggest you certain formats and resolutions, just to see do they even understand task…then ask them about design idea, to see how actually creative they are. Other way I seriously don t know how to make a difference from one to another seller, hence 80% of them have build up portfolios with free templates. And yeah hence I am a seller too it annoys me…

yes but there is a big difference in what you advertise and what the results are. Here you can see what I was expecting to get as far as look.

The flyer on the left is what was showcased amongst other flyers, so I was expecting something like this but what I got was on the right. totally different

I do to some extent but to my mistake is to think that Fiverr does some vetting like odesk. But here anybody can sell anything there is nothing to verify their actual skill set or if their portfolio is really who they are.

I mean if you are not from the United States why would you sell yourself that way. Not that it matters, I dealt with most from other countries and it was great.

The only reason why I am venting like this is because I can see Fiverr becoming like a Craigslist where sellers and buyers become very cautious about each other because people were burned in the past.

If you are not professional, say so, if you don’t speak English say so. If you tell me you are from the United States I will conduct my business as so. I would speculate that you know current events and trends but if you live somewhere else you don’t know hence we will have a fall out.

I am very fair, I rehired someone for doing my t-shirts from Indonesia where as the other person, who I didn’t like their design, I simply didn’t leave feedback because they tried but it wasn’t what I expected but their work was okay, just didn’t capture the concept due to cultural differences but I didn’t want to mess up his rating because my taste was different but I think they were skilled enough to make someone else happy.

The purpose of this post is to make people aware and hope to keep the integrity of the community. Now I will simply only look for top rated sellers

Some of the last few sellers I have dealt with are out and out liars. 900 million list? I should have known better (trafficsolo).

How do some of these sellers get high recommendations in the first place?

good luck with that one… Some top rated sellers, specially in logo design actually as well have work and portfolios build up on modified free templates… Some buyer wrote on forum how he got from two different sellers identical logo…Imagine that. I just think Fiverr doesn t have enough moderation when it comes to work, and that it would be great if they put an option of testing, such as where you as a seller can try out on basic English test, or graphic skills test, writing test…things like that, and put the scores on your profile. That way buyer would know what to expect. I will never understand why setting your profile as USA one, here is a lot of not native English sellers, like I am one of them…so, I don t understand misrepresenting. The fact is among huge pile of services and offers there is a lot of good ones and seriously a lot of extremely bad sellers. Just like among the huge pile of buyers there are cool normal ones and of course really rude and disrespectful ones.

Maybe trough begging people they know to do basic gig $5 orders and leave them reviews? Or by multi-accounting? We shall never know…

Both of which are horribly bad ideas. Don’t beg for sales (that will ruin your reputation as a seller). And never, ever have more than one account (multiple accounts are against the rules of Fiverr).

Top sellers receive high recommendations because they are good at what they do, and work hard to be even better.

I agree with you. I don’t think I ever paid just $5 for something on Fiverr, unless I am skeptic and I may use that as a safety to get a mock to see what you come back with. I respect good work and skill, don’t want to skimp on someone. However, I am independent like everyone, when I have too much work or writer’s block, I may need some help but can’t afford an agency or some people just charge too much. Here people set their prices and I can pick and choose.

A lot of times I take designers work and I modify it myself but they have done the heavy lifting so it works for me.

The issue is that if you are from another country, you don’t understand the culture. So when you tell me you are from the U.S. I will expect you to understand the things that are specific to the U.S. from design trends, companies that do certain things like commercials, etc.

One of the other seller, who oversold me and I specifically asked her if she could do it. Did so bad and I left a bad review, she begged me to cancel the job and get my money back and she told me that she is new to the work and just trying to make some money. But yet you put on your profile you had years of experience.

I agree, if you are a new seller be honest, showcase more of your work, don’t oversell yourself and work with the buyer to a certain extend. Ultimately if you only charge $5 I believe you get what you pay for and as a buyer you certainly shouldn’t expect the world.

I try and be precise with what I want, you say you can do it and it’s okay, I don’t bash you for that but if I pay for a custom design, I do expect since you set that price for my work

Interesting. See, funny thing is, I am European and 90% of my clients are Americans or Canadians. Whenever I had someone actually from region I live at or Asia we couldn t really work together, it wasn t so easy like with Americans. Now, thing is, you don t have to live somewhere to know culture of the place, you just can travel here and there and use internet, books, and social media /people to learn about it. So, it is like if you are a designer seller, investing your time into learning and upgrading your knowledge is profitable. I actually noticed very interesting fact, for example fashion at Europe and USA, what we like this year at Europe, will be cool and modern at USA like next year. But some trends which are based only at USA, never reach a lot of publicity at Europe. Then other thing I figured out by posting my hobby art on G+, things I done several years ago Americans and Canadians today simply adore, but what I done like now it is more likable to Europeans and Australians. As well, every seller no matter where they coming from, when they receive job should ask a buyer: so what is your targeting market and who is your targeting audience, and buyer should give the most they can detailed answers on that; then you can be sure job will be done fair enough, if seller actually does their job and do research before design.

Where I am coming from, I don t believe someone can make some astonishing unique and custom design for $5. Knowing how much time it takes and level of skills, it is hard to believe someone would work as much and undersell themselves. I always calculate that 1 hour of my work worth around 35-50$.